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Best Free Xbox 360 racing Games List Split Screen Multiplayer

this article, Best Top All Free Xbox 360 racing Games List Split Screen Multiplayer backward compatible with the steering wheel like Mario kart.

All Top List 20 Xbox 360 Racing Games 2 Player

Chances are this list won’t feature racing classic PGR4 at the top. That more or less makes this entire article pointless, as everyone with any sense knows Bizarre Creations’ sublime city racer is the be-all and end-all when it comes to Xbox 360 racing Games titles.

So why is PGR4 not at the top? Well, yours truly only scored it a 9/10, a proper travesty of justice for a game that was so far ahead of the competition that it’s not even funny. It had cars, it had bikes, it had weather effects, it had gorgeous real-world cities, it had incredible online integration, and it handled like a dream.

While the PlayStation 3 is home to a racing juggernaut, Gran Turismo, the now-closed Bizarre Creations managed to produce a real gem – the kind of game that we’ll look back on and wonder how it wasn’t the huge hit it deserved to be.

Best Xbox 360 Racing Games Split Screen Ebay

1. Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360, And Xbox One

What would make the ultimate racing game? It’s hard to put a finger on the exact ingredients that would blend in such a way to blow away the competition, and even trickier to put into words that special something that just makes the best racing games feel right.

You’d definitely need a deep career mode, loads of officially licensed cars, a wide selection of real and fictional tracks, a driving model that can be tweaked to be suitable for just about everyone, a gorgeous presentation, top-class online functionality, and best-in-class customization features.

Forza Motorsport 3 has all this. It is without a doubt one of the most complete games I’ve played in years. It delivers a sublime racing experience and has that special something.

Developer Turn 10 has finally produced the game it no doubt envisaged all those years ago when it set out to create the best console racing sim on the market.

2. Trials Fusion Xbox 360

The Trials series frequently suffers a common imaginative provocation. Just how should it innovate when it has established an acclaimed, adored template founded on simplicity? Tinker is also important, and that deliberately cherished innocence is denounced.

Yet the alternative of delivering more of the same – however brilliant – is bait for those with an insatiable appetite for change.

3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted Xbox 360 – Download (2012)

Like the cold element girders and sun-glinted glass boards that make up Fairhaven’s buildings, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is as mercilessly move stable as it is stylish. There is none of that “turning car lovers into gamers” stuff here.

In fact, despite the class that Most Wanted’s stunning garage exudes, Criterion has made a clear distinction between the materialistic superfluousness of games like Forza Motorsport, where the focus is very much on your love for cars, and the desire to curate a digital garage and the thrill of the race itself.

The event is one of the quickest, most pleasant racing games of 2012 – one that slams emphasis directly on the race itself. Even great, it doesn’t want you to provide a toss about Top Gear in order to enjoy it.

4. Forza Horizon Xbox 360 Cars

The effortless quality of the Forza Motorsport series has never found itself wanting for much, but if there’s one ding on an otherwise pristine bodywork it’s a lack of personality.

The clinical professionalism of the early games gave way to an unpleasantly smug Jeremy Clarkson in the otherwise marvelous fourth game: despite the obvious brilliance of the stuff under the hood, Turn 10 has always struggled to imbue its work with a true identity.

5. Joe Danger 2 The Movie – Xbox 360

You can run a large way with a smirk. When determined stuntman Joe Danger jumped his first wheelie on PlayStation 3 in 2010, it was because UK-based indie start-up Hello Games were indebted and had to ship the game. Still, that didn’t stop the exuberant little game from turning many frowns upside down.

The studio’s second major effort, after a souped-up XBLA re-release of the original and an upcoming iOS version, promises to pack more into its gleefully saccharine presentation, beaming happily once again as you execute frantic stunts while rocketing uncontrollably through the air.

6. Joe Danger Special Edition

As a kid, I always managed to doodle a wicked luscious pair of shades and a massive grin on the sun, forever beaming comforting Crayola rays in the background of my picturesque scrawls.

I grew up with age. Joe Danger’s cardinal rule appears to be that if you can draw a smiley face on something then you definitely must.

7. Forza Motorsport 4 Xbox 360 Review

Everyone will have their own Forza Motorsport 4 story, and while many might have similar tales, much of my journey through Turn 10’s fourth entry in its seminal racing series was in the 458 Italia, the luscious Ferrari that adorns the front cover.

Xbox 360 Racing Games Like Mario Kart

8. F1 2011 Game Download For PC

You’re screeching toward a rather terrifying-looking chicane at 180mph. The car movements, the V8 motor roars, and the trees, obstacles, and viewer standing on either side of you form a messy grey blur.

You’ve played F1 2010 to death, though, so you’ll be fine; coming out the other side and nailing pole position is second nature to a seasoned driver such as yourself.

You tap Y, activating that newfangled DRS that’s all the rage these days, and within seconds you’re bathing in a haze of dust kicked up from the gravel pit, the front of your car buried firmly in the tire wall.

9. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Xbox 360

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing was released across multiple platforms last year, hitting everything between Steam and Xbox 360 before getting the inevitable iOS port late last month. Gameloft, the mobile heavyweight, is behind this and has managed to put together one of its best iOS titles.

10. DiRT 3 – Xbox 360

Code masters undoubtedly have one of the best racing game development studios in the industry. Among DiRT 3, and the guidance of the ever-improving EGO motor, the team has passed what is undoubtedly the most fun, stylish and gorgeous rally racer I’ve ever played.

Numerous racing disciplines, an exhilarating sense of speed, the brand-new Gymkhana mode, and a handling model that’s hard to master make DiRT 3 a game fan of a good power slide will find hard to resist.

11. Shift 2 Unleashed – Xbox 360 (2011)

My advice? Don’t have trouble with any of the outside cameras when playing Shift 2: Unleashed. Just don’t. You play it as you’d drive a real car; landed behind the windscreen, head dancing to the contours of the track.

Be the driver, not the car. Because in the duration of giving you consider that you’re sat there in the driver’s seat, fingers curved around the steering wheel as the car screams around a track at 150mph, Shift 2 has no equal.

12. F1 2010 Xbox 360 Game – Season Review

The noise of the motor and the stink of petrol will forever recall me of one thing: my dear old Dad. This is because he’s a racing motorist, you view – well, set off. Every weekend he traipses off around the country to race 250cc super karts (0-60 in under three seconds, to put that in perspective).

Not surprisingly, he has a propensity for Formula 1 games too, becoming through everything from Formula 1 97 on the PSone to Geoff Carmon’s Grand Prix 4 on the PC. In light of this, I’ve enlisted his expertise to help write this review.

Furnishing him with a Dual Shock 3 and promises of internet fame, I sat him in front of the game as I hovered nearby transcribing his comments.

It’s not that I’m not qualified to form my own opinions (I am and I will) – but I thought it might be interesting to share the thoughts of a gamer who only treats himself to the F1 sub-genre of racing.

13. Blur – Game PS4

I didn’t like the idea of Blur. Ever since I was told about Bizarre Productions’ first game for Activision, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. I love PGR. PGR2 is one of my all-time favorite games and the studio’s last game in the series, PGR4, is up there with the best racers available for the Xbox 360.

Those titles were all about finding the fine line between precision and style, pitting you and your chosen car against the challenges of real city courses Blur, by contrast, is about shooting homing weapons at your enemies.

Or at least that’s what I thought until I sunk hours and hours into its addictive single and multiplayer modes. Blur is anything but a disappointment.

14. Colin McRae DiRT 2 – PSP, PC, And PS3

If review scores were handed out for slickness alone Code masters’ Colin McRae: DIRT 2 would be an easy 10. It positively oozes class from the moment the ‘press start’ screen pops up, whether it be the slick in-game menu system, the neat loading screen info, or the simple fact that you can make the voice-over man use your real name.

This is about as polished as a video game can get and we’re only talking about the menu system. Considering this quality shines throughout the entire game we have a clear contender for the racing title of the year.

2 Player Xbox 360 Racing Games

15. Trials HD Game For PC, PS3, PS4, And Xbox

We’ve probably said it a million times before, but we know a game’s got something special when it attracts everyone in the office. I began to play Trials HD, the XBLA tale of the cult traditional PC stunt bike game Red Lynx Trials 2, alone in our gaming room.

Wez poked his head in to have a look about an hour later, Seb then insisted he had a go on a particularly nasty jump, and before too long everyone in the office was howling with laughter and taking in turns to try and get across these large metal spheres without crashing to a painful death.

In Trials HD all you must do is drive a motorbike indirectly into an obstacle course, should only the accelerator, check, and drive space to play with, but few games are this very fun and offer much replay value.

16. Need For Speed Undercover – PC And Xbox 360 Game – System Requirements

This is Undercover’s biggest problem on the DS. For a DS game, it’s technically pretty awesome, with the fringe rate holding up well and the insight of speed being lovely good, but there isn’t enough going on, with the ways sensing scattered from a distinct shortage of traffic.

You’ll relinquish the exceptional standard, non-racing vehicle, but they pop up so infrequently that they may as well not exist. It’s a valiant attempt by EA to give DS owners a game that resembles the home console versions as closely as this, but it’s come at a cost to the pleasure you’re moving to get out of it.

17. Midnight Club Los Angeles – PC, PS3, PS4, And Xbox 360 Cars

If there’s something Rockstar does better than everyone else, it’s creating believable virtual cities. GTA 4 felt more alive than any open-world game to date, so it’s no surprise to find Rockstar San Diego’s Midnight Club L.A. excelling in this area too.

Burnout Paradise may have nailed the aggressive arcade racing genre, but Rockstar’s street racer is an altogether more immersive experience. It might not be a replica of L.A. but it certainly feels like a real city.

18. Burnout Paradise Remastered Ps4 And PC Download

The modern consoles permit some truly astounding technical feats. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Criterion’s stunning, open-city racer Burnout Paradise.

From the start, you have the entire city at your disposal, with no load times, no menu screens, and no hiccups – it’s seamless. The important issue then is not if what Criterion set out to do with the Burnout Paradise has been accomplished, but if it was right to take it in this direction in the first place. Is Paradise still Burnout?

19. Project Gotham Racing 4 Review – PC, PS4, And Xbox One

Until last week PGR2 was sat, barely challenged, at the top of my all-time favorite racers. The Xbox model nailed the mix of arcade and simulation driving, and to this day still characteristics one of the most effective online offerings for a racer.

But that was all before I executed PGR4. Yielders and sporting supremos Bizarre Creations did a flatware job on Xbox 360 launch title PGR3, but in hindsight, the quick development window, and pre-release development tools and hardware intended the game wasn’t the true next-gen racer Bizarre had expected it would be.

Fret no more racing followers, as PGR4 sets a new bar that other racing studios are going to strive to arrive at.

20. Forza Motorsport 2 Nissan 350z – Xbox 360

Some games appear so polished that they obtain others in their genre that appear antiquated, if not slothful. Forza Motorsport 2 from Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios is one such game, joining a remarkable driving model with game characteristics that simply wouldn’t be foreseen by the preponderance of gamers.

If you enjoy cars, whether that be racing them, harmonizing them, or designing custom decals for them, Forza 2 on the Xbox 360 has it coated.

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