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List of Top 20 Best PSP Racing Games – Popular and Updated

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List Of Top 20 PSP Racing Games:

The PSP had its faults and didn’t enjoy the kind of support lavished upon its rival, the DS. But one field in which the PSP kept its own was racing. Out of the two machines, the PSP had the guts to deliver proper driving practice, with its PS2 quality hardware, massive 16:9 screen, and analog finger nitty-gritty.

Multiple famous racing franchises graced the PSP with full-fat handheld versions of their home console entries.

It had two Burnout games, two Wipeout games, two Ridge Racers, and a Gran Turismo, as strong as a complete host of others, giving it the handheld for racing, notwithstanding the presence of Mario Kart on the other side.

Even Midnight Club made it onto the pint-sized PlayStation. What a marvel. So rev up your engines and push the pedal to the alloy, and other driving cliches, because this here is the definitive list of the best PSP racing games of all time, and you can still play them on your Vita, so there’s no excuse.

1. Gran Turismo

I had a peculiar flash while playing Gran Turismo on the PSP. It dawned on me. I was analyzing a game on Sony’s little handheld to full-blown next-gen titles.

What I was playing appeared like a console game and I got a feeling of emotion that only the handheld’s most famous titles had excited me in the past. This truly is the Gran Turismo adventure on a handheld that everyone’s been anticipating.

2. Colin McRae: DiRT 2

If review scores were handed out for slickness alone Codemasters’ Colin McRae: DIRT 2 would be an easy 10. It positively oozes class from the moment the ‘press start’ screen pops up, whether it be the slick in-game menu system, the neat loading screen info, or the simple fact that you can make the voice-over man use your real name.

This is about as polished as a video game can get and we’re only talking about the menu system. Considering this quality shines throughout the entire game we have a clear contender for the racing title of the year.

3. Need For Speed Undercover

Need for Speed Undercover has been published in effectively every format you can imagine, even though the Xbox 360 is leagues apart from the humble DS in terms of processing power.

Undercover on the DS strives its fittest to be all it can be, suggesting a free-roaming city, illegal street racing,

4. OutRun 2006 Coast 2

It’s strange how certain games are tied to a system so tightly that you don’t believe they’ll ever work on anything else. Outrun 2 is such a game, with devotees affirming blind that it could never work as well as it does on the Xbox.

So, when SEGA proclaimed OutRun 2006: Cost 2 Coast for The PS2, Xbox, and PSP (plus the PC) the news was met with much skepticism. Well, it’s time to begin considering as OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast might just be the best arcade racer accessible on all three systems.

5. Burnout Legends

Burnout is appearing at us on many heads this year. Not only is their Burnout Revenge on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but there’s also Burnout Legends on the PSP.

Seeing as every other game on the PSP seems to be a racer of some sort, another one to add to the collection might not seem all that appealing, but Legends might merely be the racing privilege to own on the PSP this year.

6. Need For Speed Shift

Let’s make the most valuable thing out the way first: Shift is easily the best NFS title in years, perhaps even the best ever. There’s no question that EA and Slightly Mad have created a game that will please millions of PSP Racing Games fans around the world and that this is a great new beginning for the franchise.

If you want a serious racer, complete with some great cars and tracks, and the best in-car view outside of real life, look no further than Shift. On that front, everyone involved should be congratulated and given a hearty pat on the back. But we’d still love to ask some serious questions about a few of the design choices.

7. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

MotorStorm isn’t specifically a racing set on par with Gran Turismo, but it’s one of the numerous flourishing new IPs on this generation of consoles.

With two games already on the PlayStation 3 and Sony keen to reignite gamers’ love of the PSP, it was never performing to get long for the off-road racer to arrive on the handheld. Arctic Edge is that game, giving the familiar seat-of-your-pants high-speed action, the latest setting, and, perhaps slightly worryingly, a new developer at the helm.

8. WipEout Pulse

Wipeout has spread around the world that a new game in the series barely needs an introduction. The PSP had Wipeout Pure at the boat in the UK, and despite being a handheld exclusive it proved to be the best game the series had seen in years.

Since then Wipeout fans have had very little to get excited about. Wipeout HD for the PlayStation 3 has teased us with its beauty and a proper PS3 game in the series is reported to be in development, but what about now? Well, Wipeout Pulse for the PSP should retain your cheering.

9. SEGA Rally

PlayStation-era memories are dominated by the likes of Ridge Racer, Wipeout, and Gran Turismo but for many, a racer on a doomed system proved to be the most incredible arcade game ever to be released on a home console.

That game was the SEGA Rally. After a semi-successful sequel on the equally ill-fated Dreamcast and a less-than-brilliant PS2 incarnation, SEGA has finally put together what can truly be considered a real sequel to the cult classic.

10. Formula One Championship Edition

Formula One has changed a bit since I watched it on the BBC quite a few years ago. While many people would argue that the changes have made the sport, even more, niche than it was, with genuine excitement now even rarer than a successful British driver, it still has a huge number of followers – many of whom could be described as fanatical.

Sony’s Formula One 06 is the newest game to strive to pound the sport in video game form, and although a tiny rough around the sides, it could well be the ablest option for console gamers needing a Formula One fix.

11. GripShift

A glance at the box art and you may immediately terminate GripShift as yet another racer for the PSP. A kart racer with armaments and edgy roles is just what the doctor commanded.

Yippee! Thankfully, items aren’t as achingly boring as they look, with GripShift trying to do something a little bit different from the norm. There are cars, pick-ups, large leaps, plenty of situations, and many more racing game staples, but a racer this is not.

12. Need For Speed Most Wanted

EA knows how to make a video game that has mass appeal. The Need For Speed sequences has displayed a huge love amongst the youthful audience and the switch to Underground gave the series a much-needed boost in reputation.

Notwithstanding enormous sales, the Underground games never truly thought like they were all they could be, and games like Midnight Club 3: DUB edition undergrounded Underground.

Thankfully Need For Speed- Most Wanted rebounds to daylight and gives one of the most exciting street racing experiences to be found on any platform.

13. Wipeout Pure

There was a time when futuristic rocket racing intended one thing: F-Zero. Then, with the birth of the PlayStation, came Wipeout, a high-octane futuristic craft racing game with great graphics and sound.

Developed by Psygnosis – an extension studio purchased by Sony in 1993 – Wipeout was a huge hit and moved on to get two sequels on the PlayStation- Wipeout (2097) and Wipeout (3).

For greatest, Wipeout 2097 persists as the most prominent of the Wipeout series, exceeding its ancestor in all categories and having possibly the most excellent soundtrack to grace a videogame.

Wipeout finally made an appearance on the PlayStation 2 in the form of Wipeout Fusion, but also the superior horsepower of the PlayStation 2 couldn’t release a game that topped 2097. Thankfully, Wipeout Pure gets its ideas from the greatest game in the series.

14. Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition PSP

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is the newest street racing game to jostle consoles. The increase in popularity of modified vehicles – obviously helped by ‘MTV’s Pimp My Ride’ – has made everyone aware of the world of custom tune-ups, and videogame publishers have made the most of it.

Much like EA’s Need for Speed Underground 2, MC3 lets you roam open cities, upgrade numerous high-performance vehicles and take on other car tuning enthusiasts.

While Need for Speed Underground 2 failed to hit the spot, Rockstar’s MC3 delivers one of the most entertaining arcade racing experiences ever to hit consoles.

15. PSP Cars 2

Cars 2 no doubt had an easier time making its way over to video game land than the majority of movie licenses, but given how poor the majority of such games are it wasn’t a given that a racing game based on the Pixar movie would be good.

Thankfully Cars 2 the video game is from the same corral as the wonderful Toy Story 3 game from last year. While not almost as arduous as Woody and co’s adventure, Cars 2 gives fun arcade-style racing action for all the family.

16. Ridge Racer PC

It’s Ridge Racer. That’s not me trying to be clever by bringing up that legendary moment from E3 a few years back. I am simply stating that Ridge Racer 3D is Ridge Racer.

That, in many ways, is all that needs to be said if you’ve ever played a Ridge Racer game before – unless you’ve only played the awful DS game or the quite terrible iOS versions.

17. Split Second Velocity PSP ISO

Fast cars and explosions are, for many people, a match made in heaven. Hollywood directors with cash to burn seem required to film at least one high-speed sequence on a busy motorway, complete with cars flipping out of control and crashing into each other.

This is although Black Rock Studio’s game adds out-of-control cruise liners, crashing airliners, collapsing towers, and a whole lot more.

18. Formula 1 2009

Racing simulations don’t appear like an exemplary fit for Nintendo’s Wii. The audience appears to be more casual in its tastes and the console’s lack of horsepower sometimes results in games seriously lacking detail compared to the likes of Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5.

Then, F1 2009, the just F1 game to appear on a home console current year, is remarkable. If Codemasters’ decision to use the Wii as the platform for its debut F1-licensed game isn’t surprising enough for you, the fact that it’s good should be.

19. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

Edelbrock, Comptech, Tein, Spax, Mintex & Falken are people out there for whom these names suggest something. Something significant.

These people are the ones that you see driving around your local supermarket car park just after dark with neon lights under their cars, in vehicles with ultra-low profile tires, all-over body kits, and exhaust the size of your average household drainpipe. I’m talking about the car modders. They’re a demented group, and they’re rising in number.

20. SBK ’07: Superbike World Championship

The Superbike series hasn’t viewed a video game since the excellent EA advertised series stopped emerging on the PC in 2001.

Some six years later developer Milestone is back, this time under the wing of Black Bean Games, to once again provide bike devotees an alternative to MotoGP.

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