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4 Best Racing Games PC | You Can Play Right Now

If you are a racing games fan and you love to play if you are having a wide range of racing titles available that you can play on your pc. The list of racing games on pc is almost endless and can enjoy them all the time.

Racing games provide you the fun and let you engage yourself in a reel world of best types of motorcycles and cars that you love. Here is a list of the top five best racing games pc that you can enjoy.

Best Racing Games PC:

Forza Motorsport:

There is hardly a game that can beat this masterpiece. It I the best game to play on your pc which takes you in a fancy world of over 500 cars that are ranging from frumpy hatchbacks to legendary racing relics.

Now Forza Motorsport 7 is available with everything a gamer had expected. The tracks and environments have are gorgeous and had got the special attention of the game makers. While driving you to pass through sandy deserts like Laguna Seca that you can enjoy drifting and having fun.

Not only the tracks are beautiful but the weather is quite varied and challenging as well as increasing the interest of gamer towards the game.

Grid 2:

This is a disparate collection of motorsport events that are cobbled together in order to form a single globetrotting competition. It is lovely and game with amazing graphics not standing out too noticeably in the crowd but is an entertaining romp for the people who are in love with having fun by playing best racing games pc.

This game was published by Code masters not only for Xbox but also for people having pc. This game includes a lot of beautiful places enhancing the beauty of the game like Paris. In addition, code masters had dubbed “true feel” which aims to hit a sweet spot between realism as well as accessibility.

Forza Horizon:

Horizon games are much more enjoyable and one of the best racing games pc. It focuses on fast cars, great tunes, and beautiful graphics. Among them, Forza Horizon 3 is the epitome and looks better than all the predecessors with cars that are meticulously crafted and varied racing content.

It invites you to explore the Australian wilderness in an open world with a diverse cast of greatest cars of all the time. It encourages the players to explore, drive recklessly, record and enjoy the spectacle as well.

It is a great looking game on Xbox One and Windows PC and a racing game for everybody to explore and find new events to compete in, challenges to undertake and race through the rainforests, across a beach, into the farmer’s field and much more.

Mario Kart 7:

This is actually a kart racing game and is one of the best racing games pc. If you have played other versions of it, then it is easier for you to pay this one as well. This was developed by Nintendo EAD incorporation with Retro Studios.

You have to hop into a go-kart which is piloted with one of Nintendo’s iconic ascots and dart. You can also customize your kart by tweaking and a lot of characters are available too.

A lot of new things are added up in this game like the ability to drive underwater, the ability to customize the vehicle builds and much more. This game gained so popularity that over 16 million copies of this game were sold worldwide.

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