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List of Best Free Horse Racing Games for PS2 / PS4 / Xbox

Here, We are going to guide you about Best Free Horse Racing Games for PS2/PS4/Xbox – With Friends Online. which is very helpful for you.

Best Horse Racing Games 3D for Ps2, And Ps4 Playstation:

Horse racing is an exhilarating sport packed with strong competition. Whether you love riding or gambling, we have the ideal game for you! Players can join the Kentucky Derby to confront other jockeys and vie for the gold trophy.

When the race begins, the thoroughbreds will gallop as fast as possible. Our horse racing games involve bettors that will help and boo during each cycle!

Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabian breeds are eager to run in the competition. Our horse racing game attributes many different challenges, including flat, jump, harness, and endurance racing.

Horse Racing Games 3D Xbox One Download

European gamers will relish showcasing their abilities in a 3D steeplechase! If you’re willing to risk it all, try gambling on winning horses. Predict the outcome of each race to win virtual cash!

Relish playing horse racing games and at the identical time have an interesting horse ride with the best horse racing game in the world. In these games, you will have a chance to train your skills as a horse rider and be in the shoes of a virtual horse jockey.

If you are a boy you can choose a game in which you will be in the role of a brave knight and if you are a girl you can play a horse racing game in which Barbie or another beautiful princess holds the reins and rides the most courageous horses.

Take part in the annual horse race, together with your beloved horse, and hold your breath till you reach the finish line. Any competition requires good preparation.

Therefore, horse racing games are generally divided into several stages, during which you gradually become closer to the dream – to win races. Usually, you will start a horse racing game with the choice of a horse. Change the color of the horse, give your horse a name and begin the adventure.

Best Free Online HORSING AROUND THE TRACK Nintendo Switch

You get the restraints and have some fun with these virtual horse-racing games. Of course, over the eras fresh and ever-changing obstructions have been preceded to challenge how the horse gets from start to finish.

One of the most popular variations is, of course, jumping races. Horses tend to start small and build to larger jumps and greater distances as they get older. But in this series of virtual horse games, there is no need to wait and very little need to train – you can start playing right away.

In Stay the Distance Horse Racing, you need to study the domain, select a horse and guide that horse to victory. Horse-riding games similar to Raceday place you in the montura as you gallop your way to popularity and fortune.

If you prefer horse-jumping games, try Horsey Racing. You help your mustang jump over barriers and reach the finish line. But it takes more than a great field game to breed a racehorse. In Horse Jumping 2 you can’t ride your virtual horse if you don’t take care of him.

More interested in buying than riding? Then Racehorse Tycoon is for you. Buy a horse, hire jockeys and trainers, win races, and bet on your pony to win! In Horse Rancher, you’ve got to feed your steeds for speed if you want to end up with a barn full of racing beauties.

Play Horse Stable Kissing, where smooching on the job is strictly prohibited – so make sure the boss doesn’t see you locking lips with another stablehand. If you aren’t into secret romances and Harlequin novel plotlines, then maybe you are into heavy metal.

Or robots. Or both? Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal is as weird and wonderful as it sounds. So take riding, diving, or racing to these games today.

  1. Pick Horse Racing Game app on the play store
  2. Pick Horse Racing is an easy-style horse racing game.
  3.  Pick which horse you need to triumph and then press the origin button!

Just enjoy your time with your friends having fun

Game Features

  •  – you can choose the number of the horse to participate in the game
  •  – you can play without WiFi, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere
  •  – no in-app purchases
  •  – support leaderboard

Photo Finish Horse Racing:

Hire a jockey, train your horse, and compete in a variety of races from a local derby up to winning the quest for the Cup! Photo Finish Horse Racing is the final horse race simulation, attributing lifelike animation, stellar graphics, addictive gameplay, and intense competition. You live the life of a rider, owner, and spectator in the Sport of Kings!

You play a fast race in a spare minute, or fight your way through the major derby to win the Cup!


Breeder, Jockey, Cup Champion. Triple the roles triple the fun. Be it all in Photo Finish Horse Racing!

Have Kentucky dreams? Belmont ambitions? Intentions for Epsom? Start your racing quest now!

Will you earn your crown as a Champion? Breed a championship-caliber horse to win

You grow in ranks until the day comes – the day you race in the derby! Get to the stable and get going!


Develop your stable and breed the ultimate stallion!

Do you have what it takes to be the best breeder? Breed the best to beat the best!

You make your durability a haven for the fastest horses!


Triple your rewards in online stakes!

Graphics so sound you’ll imagine you’re racing in VR!

Race every day to reach the haven of success!

Race online against players from Belmont to Epsom!

Well, what are you waiting for? You haven’t started your questions for the summit!


Lloyd 2000: Excellent game, surely the fittest I’ve played on my mobile.

Hannabooba – “This game is amazing if you have ‘t downloaded it yet, go download it now”

Jungnshjej: I admire how you can grow the horses and enter competitions.

Oh My Gosh, Shelby A Wolf – “OH MY GOSH LUV IT!!!”

Hemlock Stable – “I enjoy every phase of this game”

Matt: I have been executing this game each day for two weeks.

Spilla R.: It is precisely similar to being in the Kentucky Derby, but being in it.

Erica I. – “wish each tier of horse could have triple crown depending on their record for their season” – Added more races to every tier!

Luke W.: You design your racer, identify your horse, race others online, all this on a mobile.

Shah S.: Soundest horse racing game I have ever viewed in my endurance.

Miguel N.: Pleasant opportunity to execute all positions – jockey, trainer, breeder, and owner

Well, what are you waiting for? You haven‘t begun your quest for the crown!

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