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4 Signs You’re In Love With Hidden Object Games Free New

Hidden Object Games (HOB) is one of the unique categories of online games for PC. Picking out the best game out of a list of hidden object games is quite difficult. But we will help you to figure out. For this purpose, we have gathered around the top hidden object games free new.

Haunted House:

Nancy Evans knows everything about superstition and modern societies. Her aunt Mary Allen invited her to her cottage by the sea to spend a few days with her.

Innocent Nancy Evans doesn’t know about a large house situated next to the cottage. The house has some scary atmosphere. In this game, you have to play as Nancy Evans and help her investigate the cause of frightening atmosphere.

Following her aunt, ghosts live in the house who wander the halls. Nancy enters the house and finds that some spirits want to have a communication with her.

Discover the messages of the spirits they are leaving for her. Find out the clues in the haunted house.

Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Big Titanic:

The Titanic is on its way towards its destination at a peaceful night of 14th of April, 1912. A doctor on the ship wakes up in an emergency. He saw a coal laborer who was lying in the engine room.

He called a captain who assigned the investigation to inspector Jakob Magnusson. His stood to help him investigate this murder by figuring out the solutions of different puzzles and hidden objects games.

This game offers a lot of features including a dark conspiracy which links the murder directly to the ship’s targeted destiny. You have to be careful from the icy depths in this titanic.

Twilight City:

Twilight city is one of the exciting hidden object games free new. Suppose you are in a twilight city and working as a young vampire. You have a great love for human being and passionate to fight for the right of humanity.

However, many evil evils try to prevent you from working for the humanity. They try to decrease the rate of high moral values. They also try to make you the enemy of the humans and force you to have a desire for the blood of a human. Save yourself from these obstacles and be a human and save others.

In this game, you have to search for the objects and find out the solutions of the given quests. Update your skills and abilities and overcome all of the obstacles come your way.

Great Secrets Da Vinci:

In this great secret Da Vinci game, you will find a lot of different lifelong adventures throughout his journey. You will see many big mysteries in the diary pages. You will come to know the famous people adventures and new information related to the secrets of big philosopher’s stone.

You will see the transformation of a stone into a bar of gold. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel around and find out the secrets. Enjoy playing hidden object games free new for PC and tablets.

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