How To Delete Wish Account

How To Delete Wish Account permanently On Iphone

In this advance and innovative era, there are lots of shopping sites where you can buy your needy things instantly. is also one of the top and best e-commerce sites for shopping buddies because it included all the things which you need in your life.

It has a numerous variety of electronics gadgets, home decors products, baby safety products, and much more. You can sell anything here like eBay or Amazon.

But most people are worried that if times come when they want to delete the account then what happened? You are in the right place to know how to delete a Wish account, just take a seat and relax because there is a solution for your problem.

What is

It is an online e-commerce shopping website where you can buy and sell anything you want, there is no limit to the business bucket. In the past era, most people are interested in online shopping through but now it’s losing its popularity because of different other e-commerce shopping sites. There are lots of reasons to delete your wish account because most people want to move from other online shopping sites.

How To Delete Wish Account

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Three best methods to delete your Wish Account Instantly

First Method: When your Wish account is linked with your Email ID

While completing the registration form of wish account using your device and link wish account to your Email ID. Through this step, you can easily delete your wish account after verifying with the company.

Using Wish Mobile Application(IOS/Android)

  1. At the start you need to launch the wish application on your mobile device.
  2. After successfully launching the app, you need to verify your identity through login your credentials.
  3. After successfully verifying your identity, you need to log in on the menu bar which is on the top left corner of the menu bar.
  4. While in the settings option, you need to find the option “Account Settings”.
  5. In account settings, you need to click on the deactivate option.
  6. After pressing the deactivate option, you need to confirm by ‘YES’ and your wish account will be deactivated on your desired.

Using your computer(Mac/Windows)

  1. You need to type the URL of in your recent browser.
  2. After landing on the site, you need to log in and verify your identity.
  3. Then you need to move your cursor on the profile icon and you see a different hover there and click on it.
  4. After clicking on the option of profile icon, you will be redirected to the main settings option of your wish account.
  5. On the left side of your computer screen, you find an option for Account settings.
  6. You will get a new window of settings. In this window, you need to go to the bottom of the page and there you can see the deactivate account option.
  7. To confirm your actions, you need to click on the YES option.

Note: Your Wish account will be deactivated on your desire when the deactivation process reaches 24 hours.

Second Method: When your wish account is linked with the Facebook App

In this method, you use Facebook services and linked it with your wish account.

Using Your Mobile

  1. First you have to click the Facebook app from your personal android/IOS device.
  2. After verifying your identity on Facebook, you need to go to the app and find the settings option there.
  3. At the top of your screen, you can find apps and websites there, and also you can do this step the other way, by searching apps and websites in the search bar of the application.
  4. After completing the above step, now you need to log in to your Facebook options list.
  5. In the given list, you will find a wish site there.
  6. After clicking on the remove option, they will ask for the last time to confirm that you want to remove the wish account.
  7. Then you need to click on the Done option, after completing the deactivating process of your wish account.

Using your Personal Computer

  1. In first, you need to open Facebook on your Personal Computer.
  2. After you have opened Facebook, then you need to search the down arrow on the top of your screen and click on the option of settings.
  3. After clicking on the Remove option, they will ask you last time to confirm deactivating your wish account by Remove Option.
  4. You need to wait a little bit after the deactivating process will complete.

Third Method: Deactivate your wish account by sending an Email to the company

You need to use your email to send Deactivating request of the wish account to the official team. You just need to follow the simple and crystal clear steps to easily deactivate your wish account.

  1. Use your Personal Email.
  2. In the Gmail section, you will find the Compose option where you can type the registered email of the wish account.
  3. In the section of the email, you need to type [email protected] in the recipient area of the email address.
  4. The most important and strong step you need to do is that put a clear message in the subject line of the email, such as Request to Delete permanently your wish account.
  5. After that you need to type a short and brief text that shows why you want to delete your account. Also, request them to proceed with your deletion request as soon as possible.
  6. After completing all the above steps, you just need to enter the send button in the email section and wait for the next 24 hours.


Now you get all the information that helps you to delete your wish account. But one thing which you need to keep in mind is that deletion of wish account depends on your region, the other good thing is that you have completely availed the option of Deactivation of your wish account.  This three-step of deletion of your account is very helpful and reliable for your problem.

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