How To Delete My Chegg Account

How To Delete My Chegg Account or Membership Permanently Completely

Welcome to this article, How To Delete My Chegg Account or Membership Permanently Completely expert tutor question. This content is useful.

Chegg account users are searching for an easy and simple way to delete their accounts. Maybe they are fed up with the Chegg services or maybe they do not need more information from Chegg.

Anyway, hundreds of Chegg account users want to know How To Delete My Chegg Account. So, after so many requests, we decided to explain the clear and simple method to delete the Chegg account. But we need to discuss what is Chegg and how it works. So, let us discuss it with all of you.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a company that provides education technology to all American citizens. Hence, Chegg company provides an online portal that provides the ability to all students, researchers, and mentors to find the real answers to their every question.

This website allows the needed people to make their accounts and connect with it. So, people can ask questions about the world, geography, maths, history, etc. Chegg service will help them to give the exact answer with explanation.

It is a very popular site in the entire world because it solves a lot of problems about life, society, family, relations, etc. Moreover, you can see several categories in Chegg like Books, Study, Career, and Life. Let’s discuss these categories in detail.


The books are available for everyone and there are so many books with important topics. You can search for any course and can use it then. The Chegg provides several options in the books category such as rent or buys, read or return, and sell.

So, you can choose any book from Chegg and can read it online. After reading it, you can easily return it. After reading it you have a fantastic option to sell it to others.


In the study category, you will get two options Tasks and Tools. In the tasks section, you will see Homework Help, Exam, Prep, Understand a Topic, and Writing & Citations. Similarly, in the Tools section, you will see Expert Question & Answer, Textbook Solutions, Math Solver, Citations, Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, and Expert Proofreading.

Hence, you can choose any option which you want and get the help of experts to solve your problems. The Chegg services are available to everyone and the needed people use them without any hesitation.


Chegg platform provides you the services to enjoy the Boot-camps, Internships, and Career Advice. So, you can use these options to enjoy your life in your own way with instructions. You can achieve your life goals by adopting the best career advice.


In the life category of Chegg, you have three options as Money, Health + Wellness, and Life Skills. So, you can read about money and know its uses. You can learn how to spend money and where to spend it.

Which decision will be good for you and which will not. You can also learn to solve health issues, wellness, and choose an option. Moreover, you can read the articles about life skills, guidance, and instructions to get rid of negativity.

So, the Chegg account is really useful and also helpful for everyone but if you are fed of it and want to get rid of your Chegg connection. Then you can delete it easily. Hence, we are moving to our main topic in which we will discuss How To Delete My Chegg Account. So, let’s get started.

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How To Delete My Chegg Account Or Cancel Membership

You have two methods to delete your Chegg account without any problem. So, it is your own decision to select any one method and cancel or delete your Chegg account permanently. These are as follows:

Method 1: How to delete Chegg Account via Chegg Website

  • First of all, you have to log in to the Chegg official site “”by using your username or email address which you used to register the Chegg, and also use your password.
  • Now, you will enter your Chegg account and can check all the transactions.
  • Moreover, you have to close all the active subscriptions because it is important.
  • Now, you have to navigate to Chegg and go tothe “My Account”
  • You can now move to the “Chat Icon” and click on the “Contact Us”
  • Now you can see the option “I want to close my Account”and simply click on that option.
  • Your Chegg account will be closed permanently and you will never open it or use it in the future.

Important Note: If you have pending subscriptions in your Chegg account, you have to cancel them. The option “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” will be given. Otherwise, you have another option “Chat with an advocate”. Here you will have to answer the relevant question that will be asked to you and then you will give a proper statement that you don’t want to use this service or you want to cancel your Chegg Account permanently.

Method 2: How to delete Chegg Account via sending E-mail

  • First of all, you have to use the real email which you used for the Chegg account registration and login to your device.
  • Here, you have to choose the “Compose”option and go to the table which will appear on your device’s screen.
  • Now, you have to write the email address [email protected]and then write a subject like “Request For Chegg Account Deletion” and move to the body section.
  • Here you have to write a statement in which you will describe that I want to delete my Chegg account. Also, you have to provide account-related information like the username and password.
  • After writing the main points in the email, you can click on the send button and the email will be sent to the Chegg official supporting team.
  • All is done, now you will no longer member of Chegg.


Chegg is a useful and helpful company that helps every student to solve their problems and get the real answer to their questions. This online web platform is helpful for everyone to get benefits and enhance their knowledge, skills, etc.

All the services like books, study, life, and career may help the new generation yo choose the best and easy way for them. The users create their accounts and register their name to the Chegg member.

Similarly, some users decide to get rid of it because they don’t want to connect more with Chegg. Thus, they have the cancel option and they can cancel their subscription, delete their account, and disconnect with Chegg.

If you also want to leave Chegg, then you have no need to ask How To Delete My Chegg Account. Because there are two methods to delete or cancel your Chegg account and both methods are described the above.

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