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How To Delete Walmart Account Online on Iphone / Desktop

Walmart is one of the biggest shopping stores with low prices which is available 24/7 days in your town, it has been counted on the top due to its quick and cheap retail market.

Few years before, Walmart has transformed its services online, thus you can place an online order and get your items right at your doorstep within few hours. For getting an online service you need to create a user account which helps to track your order and also find the details of your previous orders.

Even in future you made up mind to deleting your Walmart account, might be you have used its service enough and now want to delete your account. You will need to know the proper instruction to close your account to prevent from scammers.

Because on the official site of walmart you can’t find the step by step guidance to close your account that is why it is little difficult. Here you can find the proper and complete information about how to delete walmart account easily which would be very helpful for you:

How to Permanently Delete a Walmart Account:

Deleting walmart account is not as easy as you think; it usually takes lots of documents and information from its customers to completely deleting walmart account.

Therefore, this is not a bad thing because all these process prevents from scammers or a fraud activity thus they smoothly manage their system and secure it from scammers.

Before deleting your account, you need to make sure that you couldn’t use or recover this particular account anymore so once you make up your mind then you need to follow its process for deleting your walmart account.

All you need to do just Understanding the process of deleting the account. There are three particular steps you need to follow all of them to delete your account.

And if you face any problem while deleting your account, there is an option to take help from customer service phone number where you can speak with the real person on a chat room so there staff is always there to help 24 hours.Moreover, it has another option available if you’re not in hurry you can use this option to email their customers support team.

Gather your Documents

In order to deleting your walmart account you should have three items, the very first thing is your email address which is associated with your account and also remember the password to this account.

Therefore, if you don’t remember the password of your account there is an option to ‘‘Reset my Password’’ you can reset your password on there.There is another option to reset the link via email if somehow you can’t get it through the email then password manager will save you.

If you use the Chrome Browser then your password usually stored in your profile, if you have saved your password, it automatically get appears whenever you log in your walmart account this is the specialty of the popular Chrome Browser.

Lastly, you should know your billing address most of the people keep billing address on their home address. Once you are able to find out all these items you can contact with Walmart.

Contact their Customer Service Team

After collecting all of your information and documents now you have to contact with their customer service team.

There are two options available for you, if you are in hurry you can contact with them through the phone and speak directly with their staff at this number 1-800-925-6278 and get the speedy feedback from them.

Second option is that if you are not in hurry you can contact through via email after verifying all of your details they can easily close your account.

Follow these Steps to Deleting Walmart Account:

The process of deleting the walmart account is not easy. If you don’t want to face any problem you can contact with customer service and ask them to delete your account. To completing its process you need to follow the steps below or speak with customer service on the phone number which is listed on the walmart site:

Step- 1: Login to your walmart account with your email address.

Step- 2: Once you open the walmart account “Click the profile icon” on the top right corner.

Step- 3: Click on help.

Step- 4: Click on “computer image” that says under contact us.

Step- 5: Click on shopping at under choosing your topic.

Step- 6: Now you have to Click “manager account” under what can we help.

Step- 7: Click on email.

Step- 8: Now you have to fill all the information and say I want to delete my account under the specific reason then click submit.

Step- 9: Ask agent for help.

Step- 10: Now you have to copy confirmation code to reference to customer service.

After completing all these process, Walmart will send you the confirmation through email that your account has been deleted.

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