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How To Delete Apps – On Android, iPhone, Mac and Laptop On Galaxy

this article, we will explain to you step by step that How To Delete Apps – On Android, iPhone, Mac and Laptop On Galaxy from Microsoft store.

Hey, what’s up fans and subscribers and YouTubers since I get this question, asked uh several times from friends and colleagues on how to delete apps. We’ll uninstall an app properly right here out of your app drawer.

I thought why not do a video on this, so let’s. Go ahead. I’m, going to show you two steps, the fast and easy way and, secondly, the more efficient, and I would recall it the proper way. The second way already showed that and the tips and tricks a video of mine as well as you will notice, when you will some apps factory apps and stock apps, some of them can’t be deleted.

But I’m, going to show you how you can hide them, besides, hiding them down here with the hide applications options. So since we’re on this menu, as you’ve seen, we went into the app drawer. You tap the bottom left and then this little pop-up menu opens up and then you just go ahead hit uninstall now here we have the apps that I’ve, been talking about that you can’t delete the apps that are delectable How To Delete Apps.

Will have a little icon like this on top a little minus thing, so we can just go ahead, and let’s say if I wanna um uninstall this right here. I just go ahead: tap the little menu and there you go. It’s gone, but some apps do have background info that they save, maybe sometimes even something you don’t want to stay in there like games, safe game stats, and um.

Other apps may save some other important info that you don’t want on your device anymore and get rid of the proper way of this background info that the apps do also gather to properly uninstall the app.

What we’re gonna do it in order to have to get rid of all the background information we go into settings now. This is the Samsung galaxy s4 android 4.2.2. If you have android 4.2.1 and lower it’s, going to look something more like this, then you will have to scroll down to applications manager scroll over to all and find the app you want to uninstall on android 4.

2.2 and android 4.3. You will go on to more than applications manager 4.3 by the way it’s. wanna look a little bit different, already had a little fun playing around with that today, but nevertheless, let’s, go ahead and find the app that we want to delete.

So let me just go ahead and take something here. So let me just go ahead and take a deco sketch right here or even better. Yet let me go ahead. Take this down here and then a little menu on no matter what android version will pop up.

Looking like this now, what you’re going to do is clear, cachet now clear, all the data that means every saved stat from a game, and so on. So on what I mentioned before will be removed. Then best force stop it and then just hit uninstall and then the only thing that could sometimes stay remaining is maybe a folder, but that’s no big deal.

A folder does not take away any space at all on your phone. So this is my favorite way how to uninstall the app and it’s safest, that you have all the data and more space on your phone left now to the files it’s.

Basically, the way same way that I just showed you on the system files, for instance, like f health or something like that that can’t, be deleted as such, if not using a third-party app or having a rooted phone or something like that, then You as well go into settings, go over to applications manager open that up and um.

Let me just go ahead should be on here. I don’t really need Flipboard, so that will be a good example now right here, you can just uninstall updates or just disable that just go ahead, click all the buttons you go ahead, disable it.

Then it will be disabled and then you will not have in this case Flipboard. You will not find that anywhere inside your app drawer. Now, just in case, we want to say now that we do want the disabled app and when I enable it again, just go back into applications manager just scroll over back to all.

It will be at the very bottom right here. In this case, we’re just going to use, for example, the Flipboard since we just had that. Let me go back onto enable, and the only thing that maybe is that you might have to re-update.

That best is over on wireless LAN connection. To do so and then it will be back in the app drawer and ready to use. Now I presume it’s going to be at the end. Yes, it is, and here we have Flipboard back again, so this is pretty much it on the tutorial on how to easily and how to best to uninstall an app and get rid of something as well on how to enable an app as a little bonus.

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