How To Delete Ourtime Account On Iphone / PC

How To Delete Ourtime Account On Iphone / PC

OurTime is a dating app that allows everyone to find their life partners easily. This application enables everyone to create an account and make a profile by providing all the information or identity.

Moreover, you have to mention your religion, gender, favorite food, date of birth, stars, favorite color, etc. All the information will help you to find your soulmate who likes you and your qualities.

You can also mention your job, life experience, hobbies, interests, favorite books, activities, and your personal thoughts about life, humans, animals, etc.

So, the other OurTime users will see your profile and if he/she likes your thoughts, activities, and all, then she/he will show interest in you. The simple is that a person can make a profile by providing all the biodata and the other person will start following you to know more.

After some days of chatting, they both will take more interest and will start dating. So, this dating app is especially for those who want to find their soulmate and wants their whole life together.

However, the internet is full of plenty of dating apps but our time dating app is wonderful because of its advanced features, options, and interesting content.

After all the information, we decided to take review our time app, in which we see that people are complaining about the application’s features.

They complained that their app is not working and some have complained that its features are useless. Hence, they search How To Delete Ourtime Account and want to cancel the subscription. So, we have decided to provide a simple and wonderful method to delete the OurTime account permanently.

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Some Special Points Of OurTime

OurTime is a dating site that provides subscription packages and allows everyone to subscribe to its package to see the content. After subscription, you will be able to make your profile and contact other users. The special points of OurTime are as follows:

  • OurTime is helping to match your soulmate according to your lifestyle, goals, hobbies, activities, interests, proximity, etc. It means that if you have provided your correct information and identity, then you will be matched to your soulmate. He/she will also have the same hobbies, interests, proximity, etc.
  • OurTime platform allows you to find your soulmate after chat or calls because this is a special and wonderful way to match your souls.
  • Another special point of OurTime is that you can signup it within a few seconds. Hence, the signup process will not require too much time and also you will easily add your information.
  • This site will notify you on the daily basis and provide you matches according to your criteria.
  • Moreover, OurTime provides a real-time messaging feature that will help you to connect with a new person and make her/him a soul mate.
  • Also, you can exchange your numbers and start chatting 24/7. Hence, you have no need to subscribe to this site every month because it will waste money Hence, once you find your soulmate, you can share your private phone number and come close.

How to Cancel the Subscription of OurTime?

As you know that OurTime is a special site and very useful for everyone. But if you are facing some issues and want to close your account, then you should know some points.

Your profile will be closed by the OurTime team and you will be never a member of OurTime after deleting your account. All the information or data will be removed and all the matchings will also be canceled.

Before delaying the account, you should make sure that you have unsubscribed from the package. Because if you have not unsubscribed from its automatic renewal package and deleted your account, it will charge money every month and you will have to face a great loss.

Moreover, if you cancel your premium package and unsubscribe from the membership, you will not refund your money. The money-back offer will also be canceled and you will have to face a loss. Similarly, all the premium features will close and this Ourtime site will be useless.

You can easily unsubscribe from the OurTime and can save your amount. But always remember that your payment will not refund after the unsubscription. Hence, if you agree and want to get rid of OurTime, then you can move to the next procedure. The steps are as follows:

Use the Official Website of OurTime to Cancel the Subscription

This will e a better idea to cancel the subscription before going to delete your OurTime account. So, the instruction steps are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to visit because it will help you to cancel the subscription.
  • Hence, you can log in to your OurTime account by providing your username and also the original password.
  • Then you can go to your OurTime account’s “Settings” and also scroll through the window to find out the menu.
  • Now you have to find the My Account option and go to the status of your account.
  • Then you will see the More Account Status option and you need to select it for further steps.
  • Here you will see the Remove Automatic Renewal option that will allow you to cancel the subscription of your OurTime account.

How To Delete Ourtime Account?

Hence, if you really want to get rid of OurTime and want to cancel your account, you can easily do it. There are some easy ways to cancel or delete your OurTime account. These are as follows:

1: Use the Official Site to Delete OurTime Account

  • First of all, open your Ourtime account by visiting You will have to use your username and then write the correct password and the account will be open on your device.
  • Now, you need to find the Settings option of OurTime.
  • Easily go to the menu and scroll it to select the “My Account” option.
  • In the My Account option, you will see the status link, so go to the link and easily tap on and click on “Remove My Profile”.
  • After this, the system will ask you to confirm your process and you will have to select confirm.
  • So, your OurTime account will be deleted and you will no longer be a member of OurTime.

2: Direct Contact To OurTime Support Team to Delete your account

OurTime offers the customer care option and you can use this offer for help. Hence, if you have no idea to get rid of OurTime, then you can use this offer and cancel or delete your OurTime account permanently. The complete method is as follows:

  • First of all, you have to open your phone and dial the following number: 833-223-8873
  • This contact is from the united states and you can call the OurTime customer care.
  • Also, you can request the representative to delete your Ourtime account.
  • Quickly, the representative team will ask for your account details and you have to provide the correct information.
  • Hence, the OurTime representative will delete your account and you will receive the confirmation email within 3-4 days.


OurTime is a useful and valuable site that allows everyone to enjoy their life with their soulmates. But after so many objections, people are avoiding this site and want another amazing platform for dating.

Hence, the users of OurTime want to cancel their subscription and are searching How To Delete Ourtime Account. This special and informative content-based article is especially for OurTime users.

They can learn a lot of things and can use the provided methods to delete their OurTime account without extra effort.

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