How to Delete Grubhub Account

How to Delete Grubhub Account Driver On App – Step-by-Step

this article, we are going to guide you about that How to Delete Grubhub Account Driver On App – Step-by-Step. This content is very useful.

Grubhub provides its services to help everyone because it offers the food delivery service that works for restaurants. Grubhub is an android and iOS application that provides all the food delivery services which the users want.

Grubhub has loads of connections with restaurants and it connects to all available near them. People just can order food and get it delivered to their doorsteps without any extra effort.

Whereas the payment method is very simple and the consumer has two options. The one method is online payment through a master card and the second option is cash on delivery. This advanced technique is really useful for every human in this world.

But nowadays we received so many emails in which people want to delete their Grubhub account and they ask How To Delete Grubhub Account. Thus, we decided to discuss this topic and want to provide some methods.

Before jumping to the main topic, we want to share some more information about Grubhub. Because if you didn’t understand its services then you will understand now about How it smoothly work, or How it benefits you.

How Grubhub manages all the work?

Grubhub is a food delivery service and works very honestly with all restaurants. Hence, it connects diners with all the restaurants that are available near them. If you want to eat the food of your favorite restaurant, then you have no need to go to that restaurant.

Because you need to use your device and just open the Grubhub. You need to create your account in Grubhub and then see all the services. Your favorite food will be delivered to your doorstep and you can enjoy it well.

It is a business ans the Grubhub application is a source to do business well. Let’s discuss is deep that how Grubhub manages everything. Three types of users perform their duties in Grubhub. These are as follows:


The first type of user is a consumer and the consumers are primary users of Grubhub. These users can create their accounts on the Grubhub application and then this app allows them to make an order.

The important step is that consumers select their location and then move to the next step. After this, the users select the food type which they want. The food categories are such as Fast Food, Starchy Food, Dairy, Protein, Fat, Fruit and Vegetable Salads, Asian Food, Seafood, Ice Cream, Juice, Shakes, French Food, Chinese Food, etc.

After the food selection, the users can place their order and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, they receive their orders on their doorsteps and complete the payment method. If they didn’t pay online then they have to pay cash on delivery. This service is very useful and makes the app user-friendly.

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The second user of Grubhub is restaurants and they will receive orders from Grubhub users. When the user places an order, it directs to the restaurant.

The restaurant was notified to confirm the order and prepare the food quickly. Within a few minutes, restaurants prepare the food and pack the order. Hence, they keep this order ready for delivery.


The third user of Grubhub is couriers and they work very smoothly. After the consumer’s order, the restaurants confirm that order based on food availability. Then the courier will receive the notification and accepts it quickly and then directly heads to the restaurant. Courier receives that order from the restaurant and follows the location of the consumer.

How to Delete a Grubhub Account

If you are not comfortable with Grubhub and you have decided to delete the Grubhub account permanently, then you have to follow some steps. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the Grubhub official website and then sign in by providing your real account information. Like username, email address which you used for registration, and current password.
  • Important Note: Please do not use this process through the Grubhub application.
  • So, here you have to click the Submit a request
  • Here, the “Delete” option will be there, so you need to click on it simply. It will be a deletion request of your personal information from the Grubhub platform.
  • The confirmation email will be sent you from Grubhub management team, so wait for it.
  • All is done successfully, and you will never receive your account back.

How to Delete an Old Grubhub Account?

If you have an old Grubhub account and you never used it for so long. Now you want to delete it because it is not in your use, so it is possible and you can easily delete it.

As your account is so old and you do have not the password, then you need to use the customer support option. Hence, you have to follow some steps, these are as follows:

  • You can see the forget password option, so click on it.
  • Then you have to provide the account detail in which includes your email or phone number which you used for the Grubhub account registration.
  • Then you will receive a secret code through a message on your email or on your phone number.
  • So, you have to put that code and put the new password.
  • After resetting your Grubhub password, you can move to the deletion process.

How to Delete Grubhub Account Via Email

The second method to delete the Grubhub account is email. Because you can use customer support and send a request to delete your Grubhub account permanently. The steps are as follows:

  • You have to open your email account by using that email which you used to register the Grubhub account.
  • Now tap on the Compose button and put the following email address [email protected]”. 
  • Now use the subject and write a requesting mail to the team. You have to explain your reason why you want to delete your account and also write the detailed information of your Grubhub account. The account detail is such as email, username, and password etc.
  • Then click to send the email to the supporting team. Thus, the team will accept your request and will delete it.


Grubhub account is useful for everyone and the delivery services are popular in the entire world. So, you can get benefits and order your favorite food from your nearest restaurant. No extra effort is required in this because you just place your order and wait for a few minutes.

Within a few minutes, you will receive your order on your doorsteps. But if you are bored with this service or you have some other issues with Grubhub, then you can delete your account from this platform.

But if you have no idea How to Delete Grubhub Account, then the complete method is provided in the above section. You can learn easily to delete your Grubhub account without any problem.

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