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How to Delete Mercari Account On Website Computer Online Step-by-Step

Welcome to this article, We ae going to guide you about that How to Delete Mercari Account On Website Computer Online Step-by-Step.

Mercari is a public platform that is used as a marketplace. This platform is helpful and useful for customers who use online websites for purchasing and selling. So, basically, Mercari is a web application and online web store which has millions of users all around the world.

This online store provides all the buying and selling services and it has millions of products, accessories, and durable goods for customers. The Mercari account is fantastic to sell or buy anything by online shopping.

It is the safest platform and wonderful software which enables you to spend your money on quality material. No doubt, the Mercari store provides the best and world’s best quality products.

But sometimes the Mercari users are fed up with the same thing and because of some other reasons, they decide to delete their accounts. It is fair to delete any web account and the user’s decision is also considerable.

Hence, Mercari users want to know How to Delete Mercari Account without any problem. In today’s discussion, we will tell you the whole procedure to delete or cancel your Mercari account without any hesitation.

Uses of Mercari Account

Mercari users already know the uses of it but beginners want to know and understand it. This part of the content is for those who are new to this store and want to learn more about it.

It is very simple to use an online store and buy your products by paying real money through an online payment method. In this advanced world, it is so easy to shopping by cart and pay money without extra effort. It has multiple uses such as;

  • You can create your Mercari account to upload your store’s products and sell those products to worldwide customers.
  • You can create a Mercari account to purchase any product for online shopping purposes.
  • Moreover, the Mercari account can be used to get information on goods from any corner of the world. Hence, it is a global marketplace that allows you to buy and sell anything like clothes, shoes, womenswear, menswear, kids’ wear, decoration goods, etc.
  • It means that you can use this online store to purchase products from any country and company. The quality will be amazing and you will be happy with their shipping methods. The sending and receiving items method is very cool with the Mercari account.

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Important Points Before Deleting Mercari Account On Computer

If you have decided to delete your Mercari account permanently, then you should perform some tasks. It is easy to cancel or delete the Mercari account and everyone can do it. But you should remember some main points these are as follows:

  • You need to find your Mercari account login details because the details are necessary to open the account first before deleting the process.
  • Moreover, you need to check that your all the payment is clear, your all pending orders processed successfully, and you also have to check that all items are deleted. If you have not completed these tasks, then complete them successfully and then use the deleting method. Otherwise, you cannot delete your Mercari account.
  • The most important point is that you have to check your Mercari account balance. If there is some amount in your account, then you have to withdraw it or use it. The valuation method is that you should request to deposit your remaining balance on your Mercari account.

How to Delete Mercari Account On Website

Now you can finally move ahead to the deleting procedure that is very simple. The simple steps are as follows:

  • Take your smartphone, and turn on Wi-Fi.
  • You have to open the Mercari application from mobile apps or use the web application through a web browser.
  • You need to use your login details such as username and password which you used for creating the Mercari account.
  • You will enter the Mercari account and now you have to navigate to “My Page” on the home page of the Mercari account.
  • Here will be some other options like Selling, Buying, Help Center, and Settings options and you have to choose the settings option.
  • In settings, you will see the Delete option on your device’s screen. So, just tap on the delete option.
  • Now, in this final step, you have to fill the form and click “Submit”.
  • The team of the Mercari account will see your request and will delete your Mercari account within 2 days.
  • Important note: The above method to delete your Mercari account is for both Android and iPhone users.

How to Delete Mercari Account Through Email

If you haven’t download the Mercari application on your computer or mobile phone, then you can use the other method. In this method, you have to use Email and send a detailed request through email address to delete your Mercari account.

The team will see your request email and will delete your account permanently. The email method’s steps are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to open your email account through google mail.
  • Then you have to tap New email. You have to use this contact email address [email protected]
  • Click on the Subject and type the following words, “Request to Delete My Account”.
  • Now, you have to compose an email in which you will have to provide your real account details such as, Your name, username, and email address which you used to create the Mercari account.
  • The team will see your request and will respond within 48 hours. Your Mercari account will be deleted permanently without any further procedure.


The online platform allows everyone to sell and purchase products, goods, etc. The homemade items, decoration pieces, clothes, shoes, everything you can sell on Mercari and can also purchase by using an online payment method.

But some users face issues with their accounts and they want to delete their Mercari account. But they don’t know the deleting method and find How to Delete Mercari Account. The above information is according to this topic and we tried to solve your this problem.

Now it is easy and simple to delete your Mercari account without wasting your time. You can see the two different methods to delete the Mercari account and both methods are useful.

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