How to create an online course

How To Create An Online Course PDF? Step By Step Guide

How to create an online course PDF It is a wonderful decision to share your knowledge with the world and share your thoughts with them. People will inspire and the readers will enhance their knowledge skills by reading your writing. Moreover, you can earn with your course and make money online.

Therefore, you need to learn How to Create An Online Course PDF and then start your work. On this web page, you will learn some methods to create an online course without extra effort.

Hence, if you really want to know how to create an online course on your own and then share it with the world to keep growing, then you have to read this article until the end.

Remember Some Points Before Creating A PDF:

To create an online course PDF, you need to learn some important points. These are as follows:

  • You need to choose the right topic before creating an online course.
  • You have to use authority to start your work.
  • Moreover, it is necessary to create the course content and choose the right course platform.
  • You need a marketing channel that will help you to generate traffic for your course.

You have to follow these points and then move to the main topic to create your own course full of confidence.

How To Create An Online Course PDF Step By Step:

1: Research And Settle On The Course Topic

It is not so easy to choose the topic for your online course but not as difficult as you think. You have to focus on your topic and select the right one with your awesome + great knowledge. Moreover, you need to think about people’s problems because your course will help many people in the future. So, use a topic that will be helpful for readers and also for you.

Where To Select The Right Topic? 

You have popular platforms such as Google Trends, Ahrefs, and Search engine optimization (SEO). These helpful and useful tools will help you to find and select the best, and most wonderful topic for your course.

2: Check Out The Market For The Topic

After all the searching and selecting a topic process, you need to check out the market value of your selected topic. It is necessary because the popularity of the topic will benefit you and attract the audience.

Some course creators think that if their selected topic has a lot of content on the internet, then it will not good or beneficial for them. Because they think that if there are many courses available according to their selected topic, their own created course will not sell.

This is not true because most online courses on that topic mean it has demand on the market. Thus, check out the demand, searches, and importance of the topic and move ahead.

3: Build Authority To Become An Expert

Now, you need to build authority to become an expert course creator. If you are new, then don’t worry and just start your work full of confidence and make a strong opinion.

To build authority, you have to learn, search, and get great knowledge about the topic and then start your work.

4: Settle On Your Target Audience

After so much research about your topic and on your topic, you set a target for the audience. If you have not set any target yet, then do it quickly. Moreover, you need to understand that your topic will not inspire everyone. Because every person has their own knowledge, mind, and understanding method.

You have to just think about your audience’s interest, if your audience takes interest in your topic, then you will be a successful course creator.

Hence, you need to consider some facts;

  1. Target audience age
  2. Keep an eye on the gender your course is more popular with
  3. Also, the Education Level of your target audience

5: Map Out The Online Course Outline

It is understood that success is based on proper planning and you should plan all the things in your course. Hence, make a structure, map out your topic, test it, and then launch it as a business course.

The planning will help you to get success and you need to make an outline first to check the depth of your course in your target audience.

6: Frame Compelling Course Outcomes

It’s time to compel your course and know the interest of the targeted audience.

7: Create The Actual Course Materials

After the first 6 steps, now you have to start the actual work on your course. So, you have to write your own thoughts, and knowledge related to the topic with detailed information. Moreover, you have to research and write the solutions to problems that will be helpful for people. Thus, collect the material among the topic and then set it in your course.

8: Monetize It Right

After the creation process, you have to decide to monetize your course. Hence, you have to decide whether you are offering your course free or want to set up a subscription.

If you have the intention to make money from your course, then you can easily set up a subscription model for it.

9: Select The Appropriate Delivery Channel

After all the above processes, you should have to know how to deliver your course to your audiences. Don’t worry because there are some platforms such as; Udemy and Coursera are two marketplaces where you can sell your own created course tutorials. Hence, these platforms are suitable and provide a great environment and stability to your course.


The complete method to create your own course and publish it on the online platform is described above. Just you have to read the whole content and understand the main points which will be helpful for you.

You have to follow the instruction and follow the guidelines to fulfill people’s needs. We hope that this guide helps you a lot to understand How To Create An Online Course PDF and after reading this, you will definitely create a strong course with amazing content.

You have to start your work from the first step and do it properly by following the guidelines steps. It is necessary to update your course content as people’s demands change.

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