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How To Bug Someone’s Phone – Ultimate Guide

Welcome to this article, We are going to show you How To Bug Someone’s Phone – Know Ultimate Guide Step-by-Step. This content is useful.

Are you interested to monitor your friend’s mobile phone? Do you want to know How To Bug Someone’s Phone? If yes, then you are on the right page because today we will discuss cell phone bugging, different software to track someone’s phone, and easy steps to monitoring someone’s device. 

How is it possible to track someone’s device? or How you can cheat someone? How to see someone’s personal data without using his/her device? Don’t think more and focus on this article. 

What Is Cell Phone Bugging? 

Cell phone bugging is actually a way to track someone’s device without him knowing. It means that you can track anyone’s phone and can see his/her personal data such as photos, videos, messages, audio recordings, personal documents, and also email addresses. Moreover, you can use someone’s device without touching it.

Hence, you can monitor your friend, loved ones, or family member’s mobile phone and see his/her activities all day and night.

Cell phone bugging can be used as a criminal or intention to harm someone’s data. But it would be not nice to get someone in trouble. So, you can track someone’s mobile phone for a prank or something so it will be good for him. 

Moreover, parents can use cell phone bugging techniques to track or monitor their child’s devices. If you want to know the activities of your child and also want to know the interest of your child in which type of movies, data, etc. Then you can use the cell bugging techniques and can see everything without touching their device. 

Similarly, if you are feeling that the employees of your company are sharing secrets of the company. Hence, if you want to suspect them, then you can use cell phone bugging techniques to monitor your employee’s devices. 

How To Bug Someone’s Phone Know – Step By Step:

Let’s move on to know How To Bug Someone’s Phone. No matter it is iPhone or an android because both operating systems can be tracked easily. 

Now everyone wants to know what methods and techniques can be used to bug someone’s phone without touching it. So, let’s discuss all the methods and techniques, these are as follows: 

Step 1: Use FlexiSpy Software 

FlexiSpy software is an online tool that enables users to track someone’s phone without them knowing. This software program lets everyone listen to other cell phone users’ calls, read text messages, see personal photos, videos, important files, etc.

Moreover, the FlexiSpy user can record text messages, and also remotely control the other’s phone via SMS, see the activities, track the physical location of the phone, etc.

You can easily use FlexiSpy software without any issue and this software will help you to record activities, you can take all of this information such as his websites or social media apps password, username, and email address without him knowing.

The victim will never know that his data is been tracking now. Everything will be processed secretly and you can review all of the information easily. 

Step 2: Choose The Suitable Version 

To get success, you have to choose the suitable version of FlexiSpy software because the genuine tool will help you better. It is necessary to choose software according to the device version because it will run smoothly and provide the best results. It is not a free tool because this type of software is not available to free for everyone. 

So, you need to purchase it from the online app store and then you can move to the next steps. It is understood that the original model of FlexiSpy software will allow you to do everything which you want.

Otherwise, the lowest model will assist you to perform limited tasks. Like you can just control someone’s phone via SMS, and just see the call details. You cannot see someone’s device documents, photos, and videos, and also cannot record messages. 

Step 3: Need To Plant The Bug

After selecting the suitable software with your device, you need to purchase it. The next procedure is to download it on the target phone.

The simple is that you have to download and install FlexiSpy software on the phone that you want to track. For this process, you need to connect it to the internet and then download the program. 

The procedure is really easy and simple because you just navigate to the site and also need to enter the “flexibly,”. This key will allow you to move to the next and you can unlock the software. Thus, it will enable you to complete the installation process without extra activities.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Success 

This is the last step which is very interesting because you are going to track someone’s phone and can see everything through your device.

Similarly, you can do anything and the target device will not see this activity. Now you can enjoy your success and can fulfill your wishes. 

Other Helpful Software How To Bug Someone’s Phone 

The other software also allows you to track someone’s device without his permission. These are such as EStealth and MobileSpy. So, you can choose the best software instead of FlexiSpy.

All these software are created to monitor other devices’ data, so it is possible to bug someone’s phone to see all the activities. Hence, the downloading, installation, and activation steps are the same for all three software. You can simply perform your tasks and get success. 


In this modern world, you can do anything via the internet. Hence, you can track someone’s mobile phone and see all the activities such as call details, and call history, you can check all the contacts without touching his device.

Moreover, you can bug someone’s device to his personal data like images, videos, etc. You have a lot of fantastic software which allows you to do this and track someone’s device activities without any problem.

The software and steps are defined which will help you to perform your tasks. By following the instructions and steps, you can get success and can track anyone’s device. After reading this article, you will know How To Bug Someone’s Phone

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