How to Delete Dashlane Account

How to Delete Dashlane Account – Step By Step Guide

In this modern era, the internet is spread out all over the world. Every person is connected to the internet because of interesting networks. Internet is a good source to make the world modern, active, and creative.

Hence, you can see millions of programs, websites, and applications available to fulfill human needs. Similarly, the social media platform helps everyone to connect with others and show their creativity, intelligence, and share their information. You will find unlimited content on the internet according to humans, animals, birds, and all the other related things to a soul.

But the network controller and manager provide a security system that helps to secure all the content of every website, web page, and application or online platform. In this way, the data remains private and protective, so no one can steal it.

Hence, the network’s managers or administrators introduced the policy of usernames and passwords. Every social media or internet user create his/her personal account by using his original name and password. As the internet becomes the need of every person, one person creates multiple accounts on different platforms.

The problems begin when a single internet user manages multiple accounts which include social media accounts, different applications accounts, websites accounts, etc.

A human being cannot remember all the passwords and usernames every time. He/she needs a simple and easy way to open the accounts and use them as well. Hence, the creators introduced a wonderful plan (Dashlane) that helps everyone to open their accounts without any issues.

What is the Dashlane and how it benefits you? Moreover, we will discuss how to create a Dashlane account and if you are already a user of Dashlane and wants to cancel your account, then we will tell you How to Delete Dashlane Account. Let’s discuss it in detail.

What is Dashlane and How Does it Work?

Dashlane is a platform that allows all social media users to save their passwords. It allows everyone to save their personal data like any online account details, passwords, payments, etc. So, if you cannot remember all the online information, then you can use Dashlane to manage your personal data for future use.

Dashlane works really well and helps everyone to review their data at any time. We can say that Dashlane is a password or personal data manager. You will see a lot of other programs on the internet that provides the same opportunities but Dashlane is the most useful platform.

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How does it work?

You have to get the Daslane and install it on your device. Then activate Dashlane and easily perform other duties. When you open or create an account on the internet and do not want to keep its backup, then you can use Dashlane to save your information.

Even you can save all the login details like username, email address, password, phone number, etc. Dashlane will manage your personal data and save it for future use.

Now if you are going to open that account you haven’t the password in your mind or other login credentials. You can click on the Dashlane button and your password, username, etc will be filled automatically.

Hence, you will be able to open the account easily without using a keyboard and typing a single word. Moreover, you can sync Dashlane data with all your devices. It will never create any issue while using and manages the data very well.

You can use Dashlane to store your unlimited accounts information like passwords or usernames, etc. Hence, if you are tired and do not want to put your account details, you can simply click on the Dashlane button and the detail will be filled automatically.

So, now you can stop searching for your cards, and make everything simple, easy, and wonderful. Dashlane is a secure platform and provides complete security to your data. No one can harm your saved data in the Dashlane.

How to Delete or Cancel Dashlane Account?

If you have found another password or personal data manager and want to remove your account from Dashlane, then you can do it easily. You can remove Dashlane permanently from your device and also delete your account easily.

Many more reasons should encourage you to get rid of Dashlane and you have no need to worry. We are going to provide simple and easy steps to delete your Dashlane account permanently. So, stay connected and do not think more about it.

You will Face Some Problems like:

The cancellation process is not as easy as you think because you have to accept their terms.

  1. In the subscription of Dashlane, you have accepted that you will never unsubscribe, and also the plan will be automatically renewed.
  2. Once you cancel or delete the Dashlane account, you can lose all the saved data in Dashlane and you will not be able to restore it.
  3. You can cancel the Dashlane subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial. Because after the trial ends, you will not be able to cancel or delete Dashlane.

What is the Process to Delete Dashlane Account?

You can simply uninstall the Dashlane application from your device, but it will not be a valid step. You have to cancel the subscription first and then you can uninstall the app or delete it from your device. The subscription cancellation process is very simple and easy. But if you are a new iOS and Android user, then the process will be difficult and also will be different for both. So, we are going to discuss this method for both. But you have to follow some steps, these are as follows:

Cancel the Dashlane Subscription on your iPhone or iPad

  • First of all, you have to open the Dashlane app on your device and go to the “Settings”.
  • You have to tap on your name, the subscription option will appear on your iPhone screen and you have to tab on it.
  • If you haven’t found a subscription option in the app, you can open the iTunes & Appstore on your iPhone or iPad.
  • After this, you have to tap on your Apple ID and sign in your ID on your device. If it is already signed in, then you can scroll down to the “Payment & Subscriptions” button.
  • Now, you can see the Dashlane (subscription) and review it once.
  • Here you will see the “Cancel” option, so simply tap it to cancel it.
  • But if you are failed to find the “Cancel Subscription” button on the device screen, then do not worry because your subscription is already canceled.

Cancel the Dashland Subscription on your Android

  • Firstly, you have to open the play store on your device.
  • Log in or sign in to the Google account that you have used for the dashlane subscription.
  • Now go to your profile and tap to see the other options.
  • In many options, you will see the “Payments and Subscriptions” option, so you have to select the option.
  • Now, you can see the details of your Dashlane account, and also will see the “Cancel” option in the corner of the screen.
  • You have to just tap on cancel, and the subscription will be canceled quickly.
  • All is done, no come to the mobile app store and select the Dashlane app, tap to uninstall from your device.


If you are getting bored of your Dashlane account and do not want to use its services more, then stop thinking about How to Delete your Dashlane Account. The process is very simple and defined well in this article.

Doesn’t matter if you are iPhone or iPad user, because you can easily cancel or delete the Dashlane subscription. Also, it will be easy for android users to get rid of the Dashlane account and unsubscribe from it.

The detailed information is provided in the above section, so if you are searching Dashlane for just knowledge, you can read our content.

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