Webcam streaming 1080p from Aukey

Test: Webcam Streaming 1080p From Aukey In Full HD Plus Wireless Mini

Welcome to this article, we are going to show you that Test: Webcam Streaming 1080p From Aukey In Full HD Plus Wireless Mini. this is very useful.

For those just getting started with internet streaming, it will be extremely helpful.

We had already collaborated last year for the tests of products such as an external battery that you can find here for example . Rather happy with their product and the quality, I decided to contact them again to carry out a new test of one of their product.

Product presentation

It has been several weeks since I received the Webcam streaming 1080p from Aukey and took the time to test it over time. I don’t want to rush to run a test, I prefer to analyze all aspects of the product.

Question quality, nothing to complain about. Aukey knows how to do it, the webcam is well finished, rather solid with a shiny appearance on the top and a non-slip pad under the foot to grip the support on which you put it (your screen for example).But that’s not all, you can also fix it on a tripod (for example if you want to use the webcam in stream or for a backup camera for YouTube), thanks to its integrated screw thread under the foot.

Product testing

I was pleasantly surprised by this webcam, I really thought that the image quality would be lower. It’s not worthy of a real camera, but that’s not its purpose. Its price (during my test request) was 30 euros, and for this price the quality is there.

I mainly used this webcam on FaceTime on my Hackintosh, and for this use, there is no point in spending more than 30 euros for this kind of product. She does her job perfectly, the image is sharp (the details aren’t impressive, but that’s absolutely not her role). If you pair this webcam with a good sound system (microphone, sound card), it will be more than correct.
If you really want to stream with it, I think it will be really good to start with, but you might need to invest a bit more to get a better quality webcam.

Since pictures are better than a long speech, here is a little demo of what the webcam can give in real use:


During my test request, the webcam was displayed at the price of 30 euros, but now the price has increased a bit. I think for 30 euros it’s a good deal, but less if the price is higher.

I therefore recommend these 2 other webcams from Aukey, although I have not tested them, reading the reviews and given the prices, I can only advise you if you have a smaller budget, you will have a best quality price report.

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