List of Top 10 Offline Games No Wifi Needed: You Can Play Without Internet

In this article we will let you know the top 10 offline games no wifi needed which is very easy to play. In case of no internet connection, you can play these top 10 offline game totally free of cost and having a lots of fun by yourself.

The Famous Offline Games No Wifi Needed

There are so many android games on the internet in which you must required an internet connection but now you can enjoy offline games no wifi needed. We will show you famous offline games in which you don’t needed wifi connection. Bellow are the games.
-Racing: Asphalt Nitro
You have seen ton of racing games on the internet but this one is totally different from the others. Because this asphalt nitro has more then 120 level and it also has 110 MB space as well. Free Racing Asphalt Nitro Game.
-Sea Battle 2:

Sea battle 2 game having a good graphics and features. You can play this sea battle 2 game with your friends and family members without internet connection. One thing is also good for this game that two players can play in a single phone. You and your opponent can run the ship and shoot the missiles at a time. It looks like originally sea battle.

-Puzzle: Mazes & More

Once you download this classic mazes & more game. After that you can play without internet connection. In the start you may see your maze and after that it goes in the darkness mode and very tricky to control your maze in order to exit your way.
-Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

It’s really good and one of the best entertaining game but it doesn’t bring anything new in the runner.It seems like endless running when you slide jump and down then you have to collect a point so you feel very relax.

-Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast
In the group, jungle marble blast is best android offline game. Whenever you want to find something new or different so you may play this jungle marble blast game. This classic game can work without internet connection.

Top 5 Well Known Offline Games No Wifi Needed

-Brainy: Quizoid
If you want to increase your knowledge and get more relaxed so you must have to play this brainy game. Because it has multiple categories of question and answering like history, sports, politics, science and entertainment.

-Shooter: Smash Hit

In the 2014, Smash Hit was one of best addictive game. One thing is more good of this shooter game that there is no time limit for achieve your target. You can play like throwing a steel ball at glass object to smash them in the pieces.

-Fighting: Shadow Fight

After the street fighter and mortal kombat this fighting shadow is getting more popular in the world. Not easy to play because it’s shadow fighting game. First you need to understand that how to play fantastic ninja. It has two action buttons kick and bunch. Free android game.

-Endless Runner : Cross Road

The graphics and art styles are gorgeous but not easy to play because you need to control a chicken who want to cross a highway road. You have to go in one line but you can move fastly in any direction. Free android game.

Puzzle: Lazors

If you have been looking best offline game so you can play this lazor game. Because its very challenging and it has more then 250 levels and also get more difficult as you progress.

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