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Best Free Fun Games That Don’t Take Up Space: Good Pc Games

Welcome to this article, Best Free Fun Games That Don’t Take Up Space: Good Pc Games. These games don’t take up a lot of space.

Video games that don’t take up space whether it is played on mobile or laptop, has great importance in the sphere of game lovers. A number of games need huge space which cannot afford by devices having limited space.

In this article we will show you list of games required no or limited space which any device can have the capacity for its installation.

Top Quality Mobile Games That Don’t Take Up Much Space

In your smart phone having a lots of heavy application and games but you need to find out the low storage games that don’t that up space. Because sometime you want to get rid of those applications or games who take up much space. Now we will show you top quality games that don’t take up space.

Low Storage Games That Don’t Take Up a lot of Space:

-Gem Miner:

The Gem Miner is one of the smallest games that don’t take up space, it takes not more then 13MB which is a quit good and compactable for everyone. In this 2D exploration game, player need to starts from the basic supplies (a lamp, bag, pick axe) etc. In its way, game players should avoid hazards like falling into crevasses.

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-Slither i.o

This Slither i.o game takes little bit more space but not more then 32.5MB. Its like a snake game you must can enjoy with your friends.

There is a one twist in this Slither i.o game that you need to compete your opponent while playing together. You  need to avoid your snake from the others, eating up dots and make it long as much as you can.

-Zombie Smasher:

Zombie Smasher is also very classic and entertaining game in which you can enjoy a lot, you feel  like a originally zombies smasher. Its simply to play, whenever you see a zombie you must smash it in to the pieces.

There are more then 50 levels in the story mode. You can play many time this zombie smasher game as much as you want to play.


If you have been looking something new or different like a mystery and adventure so you must can play this lifeline game that is only made for you.

In this sci-fi  text based game, you are the only person off-planet guider who is travelling on the space , Taylor, who crash landed on a moon. Taylor will send you a text and you will need to find out the way to get them the off planet.

Its very challenging and unforgettable game. Once you have been played after that you can’t miss out this one games that don’t take up space. It takes just only 29.7MB.

-Marble Legend:

In these days, its getting very popular this Marble Legend game, which can take little space in your smart phone. This classic Marble Legend game having a great features and graphics as well.

In this classic game ,the train of the marble keeps snaking ahead toward their goal. You need to destroy all kind of marbles who is making the chain before they reach their goal.

Along the way, you will get number of power-ups. The train is getting move on the last ball, if it is broken, the front of the train stops till marble reconnect.

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