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How to Use Kik App Messenger reviews – Download And Install Freezing

Everyone in this article I wanted to show you How to Use Kik App Messenger reviews – Download And Install Freezing login. we will guide you.

Everyone in this article I wanted to show you how to use kik messengers app. Kik is a messaging app similar to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram direct messages, and it has hundreds of millions of users right now.

So I want to show you how to install it and get started with it, so go ahead and jump into the App Store or the Google Play, Store and type in ki k, and it should be the one with the logo here, a social networking app.

So I’m gonna go ahead and install the app and then I’ll launch it for the first time. So once you open the app, this is the start page. So obviously, if you don’t have this. Yet you’re gonna have to sign up.

If you already have an account, you’ll press login. Here I’m gonna go ahead and sign up since I don’t have an account just yet, and here you want to fill this out. It’s, the simple stuff; first name; last name: user, name, email, password birthday and phone number.

So I’m gonna go through this process, real, quick and make sure. When you fill out your birthday. You are at least 13 years old. This app requires you to be at least 13 years old for notification. I’m, just gonna say not now, but you could turn that on.

If you want to, and if you use your phone number, it’s gonna find friends for you. This is gonna go through your contacts, so I’m gonna type in my number here and then you should come to this page. So on this page, you basically want to start by adding contacts, and what you want to do is press the plus sign on the top right.

I’m gonna press. That, and here’s, the different ways you could find contacts find people’s, scan a kik code, start a group public group or discover bots. You could actually chat with bots if you wanted to here.

So I’m, gonna say, find people and you could find people by user name by phone number by code. So I’m gonna say phone contact, so here I could invite people to go ahead and download the app and chat with me through a kik.

Let me go back here and if you know their user name, you could press find by user name type in their username or you could share your username for other people to find you and let me go back here. Let me go ahead and press the plus sign one more time and I’m gonna say, discover bots, so I could show you how to chat right now.

I don’t, have any friends added here. So I’ll. Just do hangman here, start chatting, so once you get to the chat window, regardless of, if you’re talking to a friend or if you’re talking to a bot. This is what a chat window looks like, so you could basically type your messages here underneath that you have pictures, so you could access your photos here.

You could press the camera icon, you have gifts and you have emojis, so it’s very much like a regular messaging app that you have used in past and the cool thing is. You could actually use these BOTS to chat with and even play games right on your phone.

Let me just go back here just to show you one more thing: if you press the Settings icon on the top left, it will take you to the setting page where you could add a photo. You could find your kik code here and you could change your privacy settings, so it’s, a very simple messaging app.

Really. This is the page where you’ll. Do all your messaging and add friends, just by pressing the plus sign and every time you want a message with them, just jump into the chat that you have started with them and typing your message: saying gifts, send images and so on.

I hope the simple tutorial helped you get started with kik. Please give this video a like and subscribe to this channel for daily social media and tech videos, and I’ll. See you next time, thanks for watching

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