How to Unlock Honda Radio

How To Unlock Honda Radio With / Without Code / Serial Number

How To Unlock Honda Radio is not a big deal but the newbie can’t unlock it easily. An expert can do better in this job because of his experience. But if you have locked your honda’s radio and now want to unlock it quickly without any expert’s help.

Then you should learn to unlock the honda radio. Because not everyone can unlock it without any knowledge. There could be many issues that need the unlocking process of honda radio.

Like if your honda’s battery is dead and now you want to unlock your vehicle. Then you will have to use honda’s navigation system.

It will help you to unlock your car and help to replace the battery easily. Hence, search the same question on Google and learn about How to Unlock Honda Radio.

There are many ways to unlock the radio but the navigation system is superb and common also. Everyone tries to do a professional job but it’s not as easy as we think.

If you are worried and stuck in the same situation, you should try to use the navigation tracking system. It will be best and help to unlock your honda’s radion within a few minutes. So, let’s discuss what is the procedure to navigate honda’s radio.

What Is The Wonderful Way To Navigate The Honda Radio?

You will have to get a code that will help you to connect your vehicle’s radio and then you will be able to proceed next. The detailed procedure is that you will need your Honda’s VIN number and also a serial number. But if you haven’t experienced it before and now you want a code, then you should learn how to get a code to navigate Honda’s radio.

How To Find Your VIN Number?

VIN is actually a Vehicle Identification Number which is a special and unique code that helps to connect the radio system. VIN number consists of 17 numbers and you have to find it before unlocking the radio.

The radio unlocking process is necessary to change the battery of your vehicle. So, let’s find out the VIN number.

  • You can find the VIN number on the registration forms of your vehicle. So, you can take the registration papers and find the 17 digits of your VIN.
  • Also, you can find VIN on the insurance statements, papers, and also on insurance cards. So, if you are not at home but your Honda’s battery is dead, then you will need the VIN code. Then you should have the insurance papers, card, or insurance statement. The VIN will be there and you can easily use it to navigate the radio.
  • If you haven’t any insurance paper or registration papers, then you can see the vehicle’s windshield on the driver’s side. The 17 digits of VIN will be there and you can easily use it.

Moreover, the VIN will be on the financial services statement of Honda. You can just copy the 17 digits of the code and move to the next procedure.

Important Note: The VIN consists of A-Z letters and also 0-9 numbers. Always remember that several letters don’t use in VIN such as I, O, and Q. IN 17 digits of VIN, if you find that it is not working properly, then you have to check the digits again and again.

Also, you need to make sure that you haven’t used the letter O in place of the number 0. If accidentally you have used this letter or digit, then remove it quickly and move to the next process.

How To Find Your Device’s Serial Number?

You can use a proper way to find the Serial Number of the Device that you want to unlock. Several ways help to find the serial number of your device, let’s discuss all the easiest ways. At first look for your serial number, you should be aware of the following:

  • If you are the owner of a 2013 – 2014 Pilot or Odyssey, then you will never need any serial number to navigate the vehicle’s radio. Because they do not demand a Radio/Navigation code for system initiation and easily unlock the system. Hence, you should use the Owner’s Manual for Radio/Navigation system initiation. It can also be used for further instructions and help to solve many problems.
  • Similarly, if you are the owner of any Honda model before 2001, then you will find the serial number on the back of your device. It will be located on the back of the device and you need to make a plan for a service visit with your local Honda retailer.

How To Unlock Honda Radio?

Some easiest steps will help you to unlock Hinda Radio without extra effort. This method can be applied to every Honda model and it will work properly.

  • First of all, you have to turn on the ignition switch of your honda.
  • Secondly, you have to turn on the device and also assure that the display of the radio reads the code. But if there is an issue with your device and you don’t see this message, you have to do something. You can pull the backup fuse for only 1 minute, and then you can again repeat step 1.
  • Now you have to turn off the device easily and move to the next step.
  • Here, you can press one and six radio preset buttons and also hold them for a few seconds.
  • Quickly you have to turn ON the device and check the display.
  • Your device’s screen or display will be toggled between two screens: like U with the first 4 numbers of the device’s serial number (for example U2200)
  • Similarly, the L with will be the last 4 numbers of the device’s serial number (for example L0055)
  • Here you have to ignore the U and L and then record all 8 digits easily.


Unlocking the Hona Radio is very simple and easy because you just need to find the serial number and the VIN. These 2 codes will help you to easily unlock the radio of any Honda model and change the battery.

The complete procedure for finding the serial number and VIN has explained above in this article. Similarly, you can learn about How to Unlock Honda Radio with the simplest steps. All the information about Honda Radio Unlocking is provided just to solve your problems.

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