How to Take Instagram Photos of Yourself With Android / Iphone

How To Take Instagram Photos Of Yourself – Detail Guide

Taking your own pictures by yourself is not a difficult task, but some people are not experts in this. They search for “How to Take Instagram Photos of Yourself.

Hence, we have decided to help them by providing detailed guides or information about camera settings, pose awareness, and editing. These three things are most important to learn before posting your pictures on Instagram. 

What Is Instagram? 

Instagram is a mobile application that allows its users to connect with the world like celebrities, politicians, singers, great personalities, artists, etc. This platform is used to share your pictures, videos, your point of view, etc.

It has plenty of advanced features like an inbox for chat, video and audio chat, a camera with thousands of filters, story options, video, and picture sharing options, etc.

Hence, people use it for entertainment and enjoyment to connect with others. Similarly, their favorite celebrities and personalities can see their activities, etc. 

Your followers or connections will see your activity on social media apps like Instagram and they will also appreciate you for your efforts/skills. Similarly, by using the hashtag with your photo or video, you will gain popularity.

Other Instagram users will also see your content and they will follow you. But if you are new to Instagram or you do have not any skills, then you should practice it. You should learn which type of photos you should post and which type of content will be liked by people. 

Learn How To Take Instagram Photos Of Yourself?

You can click your own pictures for Instagram by using your mobile. It is understood that iPhone has the best camera and it gives the best images or video results.

But sometimes the camera doesn’t matter because your camera angle should be perfect. You should learn the best pose for Instagram posts and also learn to edit.

Because the best editing helps to make photos attractive, charming, and fabulous. Let’s discuss all the points in detail and also we will provide some tips to take good pictures. 

1: Go To Camera Settings

First of all, you should set up your camera, and then you will be able to take attractive and charming pictures on your device. For high-quality photos, the camera settings are the most important step.

So, the camera setting should be natural, set the focus option, turn off the HDR option, and photo modes, and also set the brightness of the camera.

These special points and settings will help you to take good pictures of yourself. Hence, you can capture special moments, nature, and beauty. 

2: Set The Camera Angle And Exposure

The camera angle is most important for good photos. So, you should turn on the camera and set the angle. Check every angle and see the results by capturing single photos.

After, all the checking sessions, you can select the best angle for your pictures. For example, if you are in the room and want to click some photos with a selfie camera, then you can go to some lighting.

If the electronic lights are good and give the best results then you can click randomly on your pictures. But if you are facing lighting issues, then you can go to the windows and check the results. 

In natural lights or sunlight, the pictures will be awesome, attractive, and outstanding. Otherwise, if you are outing the area and want to capture your pictures then choose a good angle for the camera and set it in a place.

The back camera of any device or smartphone helps to take high-quality+amazing pictures. But you should have some skills and knowledge to use the back camera properly.

3: Practice Good Poses 

For your own pictures, the practice of poses is important. Because sometimes a bad pose can destroy the beauty of your photos.

Hence, you should see some poses on the internet and copy them. Otherwise, you can use your mind and create new posts. 

With poses, your facial expressions will also be captured. So, you have to decide the mood and expressions on your face and then click a lot of pictures.

The smiling face will show your inner happiness, the eye contact will show your beauty, and your face will make your picture attractive.

There are so many poses like close face pose, standing pose, stylish pose, etc. So pick anyone which you like the most.

4: Find The Background

The background of your pictures has a special place and matters a lot. Because the dirty background will affect your pictures and will lose their beauty.

Hence, you can make a beautiful background by choosing the special wall of your home or room. If you are on an outing, then you have to select a clean and natural background for your pictures.

In studios, the expert cameraman or photographer designs the background for pictures. Hence, you should also design a beautiful background if possible. Otherwise, the neat and clean wall or door will be the best background for attractive pictures.

5: Learn The Editing 

Picture editing is a skill and you can show your creativity. You can use a simple camera to take high-quality pictures without any filter or effect. The editing will make your picture more attractive, beautiful, and charming.

But if you are not a good editor then you should learn some editing. It is necessary because editing can put extra beauty in your pictures. 

There are thousands of editors that allow everyone to edit their pictures by using advanced options. The provides makeup options, filters, effects, and a lot of many options that will change your picture totally. Similarly, Instagram also has an editing option that allows its users to change the filter, lighting, effects, etc. 

How Should You Take Instagram Pictures Of Yourself? 

In smartphone cameras, you can see an option that can be used for the selfie camera and back camera. If you want to take a selfie and want to share your facial expressions, beauty, and attractiveness, then you can easily take picture of yourself. The selfie pictures are specially to capture our faces and everyone loves them. 

But if you want to take your pictures with some poses, then you can use the back camera. For your full pictures, you can set your device to a specific place and also set the timer.

The timer option is available on every android or iPhone, so you can set the duration to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds. After setting the duration, you can go to your selected place and stand or sit until the picture is not captured. 

It will be fun and help you to get more skills. After so many photos in different poses, you can relax on your chair or sofa. You have to check all the photos and go to Instagram to post your favorite one. So, upload attractive images of yourself on Instagram and become popular. 


Taking your own pictures for Instagram is just fun and helps to engage yourself with the modern world. Just you should have some knowledge about the camera and its settings.

You can take amazing photos by yourself and no one is needed for this. Hence, we have provided some pro tips and guide to make a plan and then take attractive photos.

This article is especially for those who are searching “How to Take Instagram Photos of Yourself” and we have provided knowledgeable content. 

When you will learn the techniques to set the camera, learn to set the right angle, background, lighting, etc, you will become an expert photographer for yourself.

So, take your fantastic photos and continuously posting on Instagram. It will help you to become popular one day and you will have great followers. 

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