How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio Using Linktree

Most people use social platforms for their business growth and Instagram is also one of the biggest and top platforms for social media. How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio plays a strong role to boost your business and enhance its growth.

If you have a bio on your Instagram then it is the key to success for your business. You can add a bio to your social platform Instagram to link your business sales page for the new launch of the product or can use it for different business purposes.

What Is Instagram Bio Link?

Instagram is the best and most friendly social media platform, also this platform helps you to add a single custom link to your URL in the bio section to promote your business. If you have more than 10,000 followers, then this link that you put in your profile bio is the only clickable link to better promote your business growth outside of Instagram.

What Tools Are Worthy For Your Instagram Bio?

There is a variety of software for linking your business page to Instagram, to get more customers in their business. Lnk. bio, Milkshake, and Linktree are the top and most effective linking software for you.

In this software, Linktree is the most recommended and user-friendly tool to use. But if you think that you are good enough SEO then you can create your Link page on your websites. Keep in mind, creating a link page on its own is a complicated and bit tough procedure to do.

Strategically Why Do You Need To Put Links In Your Instagram Bio?

There are some strategic tactics from the business community. Adding more than one link in your Instagram Bio is one of the main tactics to boost your business growth.

There are numerous reasons to put multiple links on your Instagram bio like featuring your newly launched website, promoting your YouTube video, or promoting a new product in your business. Keep in mind, that you are not the only person who is struggling to create effective content for your audience.

There are lots of brands and creators who come from the same dilemma and achieve a success ratio to create quality content for their audience. A single link in your bio is not enough for your audience to share promo codes or some giveaway, so for this purpose, you need multiple links in your bio.

5 Best Tools How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio?

1. Linktree

While using the services of Linktree, you can add a maximum of five links to your bio. Only five links are allowed to add to a single Instagram account. You just need to go to the Linktree account and then you will be provided with a custom URL that you can add to your Instagram account.

How You Can Use Linktree For Instagram Bio?

  • You need to go to Linktree.
  • Then you need to make an account by signing up.
  • After creating an account on Linktree, you need to connect your Instagram account to the Linktree account.
  • In the end, you can easily start adding multiple new links to your Instagram account.

2. Leadpages

It is the second most recommended tool to put multiple links into your Instagram bio by using Leadpages. You can efficiently customize your landing page easily, and this happens only when you are planning to use Leadpages as a tool to put multiple links in the bio. With the advanced feature of drag-and-drop in Leadpages, you can smartly work on creating new links to your bio.

How You Can Use Leadpages?

  • First, you need to launch the Leadpages.
  • Then you need to name the template.
  • Then you need to add some widgets, whether you add buttons or other options, both will work great.
  • After creating widgets, you need to publish your Landing page and it is the last step to do.
  • In the end, you just need to link your Leadpages to your bio.

3. Lnk. Bio

You can add several links to your Instagram bio by using Lnk. bio tool. It is the same as Linktree, but with some different features, you can find in Lnk. bio. But if you are going to the free plan of Lnk. bio then you will get the same features as you get in Linktree.

How You Can Use Lnk. Bio Effectively?

  • You need to sign-up on Lnk. bio.
  • After login into your Instagram, you need to add multiple links.
  • After that, you will get your URL from Lnk. bio.

4. Short-Stack

It is also a great tool to build multiple links into your Instagram bio, which is known as Short-stack. From this tool, you can easily put several links into your bio to enhance your business.

How You Can Use Short-Stack?

  • First, you need to launch the Short-stack platform.
  • You can choose a template or also you have the option to create your template as well.
  • After this, you need to just publish your page.
  • In the last step, you just need to link your Instagram bio.

5. Link In Profile

In the last option, you can also use Link In Profile to build multiple links to your Instagram bio efficiently. The best thing about this tool is that it will automatically pull the content of your Instagram channel, which means you don’t need to add manual links.

From this tool, your audience is just one click away from your content. It will give advance easiness because you don’t need to change your bio links every time.

How To Use Link In Profile?

  • You get a free option of trial for only 30 days with Link In Profile.
  • After authorization, you need to verify your Instagram Email address.
  • Then you need to add a title, link, and some description about your Instagram Content.
  • In the end, you just need to do is share the Link In Profile URL to your Instagram account.

Are Multiple Links Banned On Instagram?

Creating links with Linktree is great and safe for you and you will not get banned from your Instagram account as well. There is not any cause that gets you banned at any time if you authorize your account in the beginning stages.

You just need to give yourself five minutes to build multiple links on your bio, but if you are planning to make a customized landing page then it will surely take more time.


Now you get detailed information that how can you easily build multiple links for your Instagram bio. It will help your audience to keep updated about your products or sale, also they can easily find information about your business.

If you have enough links in your bio then it will attract your audience to sign-up with your e-mail address to get more information about your store or business products. Whether you are doing some podcast or blog, these multiple links are worth your growth of popularity.

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