How To Install Third Party Apps on LG Smart TV? – Full Guide

How to install third party apps on LG smart TV are used to run software or applications on your device without any problem. You can run any hard or heavy application on your devices easily without any requirements.

Third-party apps provide support to download or install high-quality or high-graphics apps, games, or software without any issues. Hence, if you have decided to run some favorite apps on your smart TV, then you need to get third-party apps first.

Because these apps will allow you to easily get your favorite apps on your smart TV.

Mostly the branded and high-quality smart TV models allow for the installation of third-party apps. Hence, it will help you to run your favorite TV apps, games, etc.

The famous smart TV brands that give permission to install third apps are such as LG OLED, LG UHD TV, and LG Nano Cell. Many other models like Sony TV, Samsung, and LG smart TVs also enables their users to get access to 3rd part application without any issues.

So, if you are exploring this topic more and want to about How to Install Third Party Apps on LG Smart TV, then relax and follow us. Because we have decided to discuss the most effective and easiest way to install 3rd part apps without extra effort.

But before diving into the depth of our topic, let’s discuss important steps before the installation of 3rd party apps on your smart TV.

Important Steps Before Installation Of Third-Party Apps on LG Smart TV:

As you know that the operating system is different for every device mobile phone comes with Android OS, iPhone or iPad comes with iOS, and computers come with Mac or Windows operating system.

Similarly, smart TVs also come with different operating systems like Tizen, Android, WebOS, tvOS, Chrome OS, etc. Hence, the operating system of smart TV allows you to download or install your favorite applications without any problem.

And all the apps run smoothly on your smart TV. But it will be difficult if your smart TV doesn’t accept any 3rd party app.

Just imagine, you are going to download your favorite gaming app and your smart TV doesn’t allow you. You will think the smartest way is obviously third-party apps.

But what will you do if your smart TV’s operating system doesn’t accept it? It will be difficult because of an incompatible operating system. But you have no need to worry because the application will be installed through USB, SD card, pen drive, etc.

Hence, you should prepare yourself to face any kind of problem. Like if you are going to install a third-party app on your smart TV and it starts some issues, then stay strong and you will need to find a smart solution.

Moreover, you have to prepare Plan B and if your smart TV is not accepting any third-party app, you can use the USB or pin drive to transfer the app file into your TV.

How To Install Third Party Apps On LG Smart TV?

You can easily download any third-party app from the LG content store which provides thousands of smart TV applications. The store allows all smart TV users to search the page and find their favorite apps to run on their TV.

Hence, you can search for the third-party app also on the LG content store and easily download it.

But if the app is not available in the LG content store, then you can’t fulfill your wish. Because LG doesn’t give permission to download any apps.

It means that LG doesn’t accept unknown sources and you will not be able to run any third-party app on your smart TV. There are two methods to install the party apps on your smart TV, these are as follows:

1: Use LG Content Store

You have to access WebOS on your smart TV and also need to connect the WiFi connection with your smart TV. It will help you to download anything from the LG content store easily.

After the internet connection, you can easily open the LG Content Store or LG app store to find plenty of applications, movies, shows, etc.

  • To add the application to your LG smart TV, you have to hit the home button by using your smart TV remote.
  • You can directly open the app store and search for the application which you want to add. You can search the application, hit download, and then start installation quickly. The app will be installed on your LG smart TV within a few seconds and you can use it as well.
  • If you have already downloaded the application, then you need to move to the pre-installed option. Here, you can check the app and press the button to open it.
  • Then you can press the button on the install button and the application will be installed within a few seconds.

2: Use Fire Stick

If you are failed to find your desired application on the LG content store or LG app store, then don’t worry. Because Firestick is another option to find and download your favorite app on your LG smart TV.

The procedure is very simple and everyone can easily get his/her desired app.

  • First of all, you have to buy a fire stick and then plug in the power adaptor. Also, take the other end of the fire stick and plug it into the power outlet easily.
  • Secondly, you have to plug the fire stick directly into the back of your LG TV. Here you will see an HDMI port that allows the users to plug in fire sticks easily.
  • Now you have to put the batteries into the smart TV remote. The remote will automatically be connected to the device.
  • Now you have to go to the internet settings and easily connect to your WiFi on your LG smart TV.
  • It’s time to link your fire stick easily to your Amazon account because it will help you to get your desired application without any issues.
  • Now, you will be able to select your favorite or desired app and use it through the Fire Stick on your LG TV.

How To Get 3rd Party Apps Available In Other Countries

As we know that LG is a global company and very popular around the entire world. It provides plenty of applications to its all smart TV users. Hence, you can easily get various LG applications all around the world.

So, you can easily access any 3rd party app in any country. For this, you need to follow several steps, these are as follows:

  • You need to go to the settings of your smart TV by using the remote.
  • Then you can open All Settings and also move to the General settings option.
  • Inside the general settings, you will see the location option, so select the location easily.
  • A long list of all countries will be open on your TV screen. So, you have to choose ant LG services country that you want.
  • Suddenly, a window will pop up on your screen that will ask for agreement, so you have to click Yes.
  • Quickly, your smart TV will restart and the permission will be accepted.
  • So, now you can easily see many other apps for LG smart TV. If you want to install them on your TV. Otherwise, you can ignore it and come back to your favorite channel.


You can easily add the applications to your LG smart TV, just you need to collect some information. Moreover, you need to enable unknown sources that will allow any 3rd part app to run on your smart TV operating system.

Hence, good and high-quality content will help you to know the complete procedure of downloading and installation.

As it is not rocket science but the new user can not perform it well. If you are also a new user of smart TV, you can follow us. Here we have described the two special + and effective methods to download or install 3rd party apps on your smart TV.

Hence, you can now tell other smart TV users How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart TV, because everything is explained well.

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