How to Connect Phone to Jeep Wrangler

How To Connect Phone To Jeep Wrangler? – Step By Step

In this article, I will completely guide you on How to Connect Phone to Jeep Wrangler which is very helpful for you. Connecting your phone with your Jeep Wrangler’s audio system is an easy task and you should just try it once. It will help you to enjoy your ride on your jeep and also make memories with friends.

Hence, Bluetooth is one of the best and most elegant ideas to connect your phone with jeep wranglers as a car owner.

The best audio or song system in your Jeep is a new level of comfort and enjoyment. You can easily connect your phone to the jeep and play your favorite songs. 

It will double your enjoyment during a picnic with your friends and you will enjoy it a lot. Hence, no extra sound or music system is needed, and no song collection is necessary for the outing or picnic.

You can make a plan with your friends or family and select a day for an outing. Then connect your phone with your jeep wranglers and enjoy the holidays a lot.

Hence, we can say that connecting your phone to a jeep wrangler is not a difficult task but a new person can’t connect it. 

If you are a new person who has no idea How to Connect your Phone to Jeep Wrangler, then you should learn it. Because it takes some time and you need to understand some steps before connectivity and after the connectivity.

Hence, we have decided to discuss the easy way to connect your phone to a jeep wrangler. A detailed guide will help you to solve your problem. So, let’s get started.

Important Steps Before How To Connect Phone To Jeep Wrangler?

If you have decided to connect your phone to jeep wranglers, then you should perform some important tasks. Without performing these tasks, you will never be able to connect your phone to the jeep wrangler. So, these tasks are as follows: 

Charge Your Phone

You need to charge the battery of your phone which you are going to use for connectivity. Because the battery issue will never allow you to connect your phone to a jeep wrangler.

It will make you worry and you will e fail. So, take a mobile charger and plug it into the phone, and wait for a few minutes. You can take your phone when the battery goes to 100% and then you can move to the next step. 


To connect your phone to the jeep wrangler, you should turn on Bluetooth on the phone. Also, the Bluetooth presence should be in your jeep. Because it will help to connect your phone to the jeep and you can easily perform your work well. 

Maintain The Distance

You should maintain the distance between your phone and your jeep because if you are not near your jeep, then the connectivity will fail. You cannot able to connect your phone to jeep wranglers.

Similarly, Bluetooth only works under 30 feet and you need to take care of it. If your device or phone is not in your hand, then the connectivity will be difficult. So, make sure that your phone is near to you like in your hand, etc. 

Presence Of Interference 

As you know the interference of anything can ruin your plan and you will never connect your phone to the jeep wrangler. Because digital sounds don’t like any interference and Bluetooth works in the unlicensed radio field. So, you need to solve all the issues and then move to the connectivity procedure.

How to Connect Phone to Jeep Wrangler? 

You can connect your phone to the jeep wrangler’s music system through Bluetooth. It is really a smart idea and you should just connect the Bluetooth to your phone and also to the jeep wrangler.

If you are new and didn’t try it before, then don’t worry and follow our steps. The simple and easy steps are as follows to learn how to connect your phone to a Jeep Wrangler.

1: Turn On Your Smartphone And Vehicle

You have to take your fully charged phone and unlock it quickly. Also, turn on your vehicle like a jeep and move to the next step.

If both things are off or anyone thing is off and you forgot to turn it on, then you cannot be able to connect the phone to jeep wranglers.

2: Turn On Bluetooth 

In the second step, you have to turn on the Bluetooth in your device and also turn it on in the jeep. Because the Bluetooth is one and only way to connect the phone to a jeep wrangler.

If you haven’t connected the Bluetooth with your phone and jeep, then you cannot enjoy your favorite music in the jeep wrangler system. 

3: Press The Uconnect System

You have to press the icon of the Uconnect system that looks like a phone. It will appear on the jeep’s screen and you can easily touch the icon to open it. It will help you to connect your phone to the jeep wrangler easy;y. 

4: Follow The Prompts

Now you can see the prompts on the screen of the jeep and you have to follow them. These prompts will help you to move ahead.

Your phone connectivity with your jeep will be done within a few seconds. Here you have to select the device option that will move to the next.

5: Go To Bluetooth Settings

Now you can take your phone and go to the Bluetooth settings. Here you need to search for a device that you want to connect to your phone. The Uconnect option will be there, so you have to select it to pair it with your phone. 

6: Use The PIN

After selecting Uconnect on your phone, the four-digit PIN will be available. So, you have to use the PIN code, and quickly the connectivity process will be done.

You can enter into your phone through the jeep and easily select the music. Now you can keep your mobile phone in your pocket or anywhere because all tasks will be done through your jeep’s wrangler system. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Connectivity? 

The connectivity of your phone with the jeep or any vehicle will benefit you. Hence, if you have connected your phone to the vehicle, then you can see all the messages, chats, or calls without touching your phone.

All the data or connections will be shown on the vehicle’s screen and you do not need to take your phone while driving. 

Moreover, you can use this connectivity to play your favorite music. You have no need to buy an extra USB, card, or something to enjoy the music in the car.

The phone connectivity with your vehicle will help you to send and receive messages, attend to calls, play music, movies, etc. 


You can easily connect your phone android or iPhone to your vehicle and enjoy it a lot. So, this advanced technology will surprise you because you can perform multiple tasks on your phone without touching it.

You can connect your phone to your jeep once, and then stop using your mobile. All the contacts, inbox, media, music, movies, files, etc will appear on the vehicle’s screen and you can enjoy it while driving. 

Hence, tips, important steps, and informative content are provided in this article. All the process to connect the phone to the jeep wrangler is explained well.

So, now stop exploring How to Connect Phone to Jeep Wrangler, all the information is provided just for your ease. 

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