How To Install mSpy On iPhone

How To Install mSpy On iPhone 7 / 11 Remotely Without Jailbreak

iPhone is one of the leading and most popular brands around every region of the world, because of its quality product. You can easily install and download as many applications on your iPhone, but some people are facing difficulty downloading mSpy on their iPhones.

So, are you one of those people who want to know How to Install mSpy on iPhone? If yes, then you are in the place where you need to be. Your confusion about installing mSpy will be eliminated after reading this article.

Keep in mind that you are not the only person who sees this process as complicated. Here, you will know depth information that guides you to install your desired application on your iPhone, especially mSpy. So, let’s start!

What Are The Main Points I Should Know Before Installing mSpy On My iPhone?

Some main points are necessary and you need to understand them before installing mSpy on your desired iPhone. Hence, there are certain things that you strictly need to follow or check. These are:

  • Your iPhone device should be unlocked. If your device is not unlocked then you may face more difficulties.
  • Need internet access. Because without this option, you can’t properly install or download mSpy on your iPhone device.
  • You need to specially target your iPhone in your possession.
  • If you have any type of antivirus on your iPhone device, then make sure they all are disabled completely. If you don’t work on this step, then the installation process of mSpy will be interrupted.
  • Your iPhone device must be Jail-broken.


If you remember the above steps, then there will be no difficulty to install the full version of the mSpy on your application device!

How You Can Easily Install mSpy On An iPhone?

When you successfully place your installation order, then instantly you will confirmation at your given email address. In your given email address, the details of your credentials will be given.

Keep in mind one important thing which is that your iPhone device should be jailbroken, otherwise you can’t install any process of the mSpy application on your iPhone device.

iCloud is the key for you which can give you access to your targeted iPhone device. Through this, you will get limited access features of the mSpy application on your phone.

As you know when you have jailbroken iPhone device, you will have the Cydia app. You can access the Cydia app through your device’s home screen. Here, you need to enter the download link, and make sure to tap on the option of “add source”.

Once you complete this step and make sure all the updates are completed, then you need to go back to your Cydia app. Then you need to click on the “Restart SpringBoard” when the downloading process is completed.

In the next phase of installing the mSpy application, you need to go to the home screen of your selected iPhone device and tap on the icon of the mSpy application. After clicking on an icon, you need to accept all the license agreements.

The license agreement will appear on the top of the screen. In the further step, you need to find the unique code for the registration, which will be given to you during the installation guide, you just need to enter the same code on the given screen.

Registration Before Installing mSpy

This is the last step of installation of the mSpy application, all you need to do is click on the option of “Complete Registration”. Now, you can easily proceed with your online account where you will enter your details such as your name and phone number. So, this is the step after which you can enjoy the mSpy application on your desired iPhone device.

Who Can Use The mSpy Application?

Most the people find mSpy application for iPhone devices useful because through this application you can easily monitor the activity. Employers, network administrators, and parents find this application worthy and powerful.

There is no limit to this application use, anyone can use mSpy to know the location or activity of the iPhone device. With this application, you can easily monitor your child’s activity and use it for another purpose as well.

There are various powerful and attractive features of mSpy that make your task more simple and more effective. Your kid’s activity will be safe and parents will know their location if they are lost in any unknown places.

The service providers of the mSpy application are available around the clock and you don’t need to worry about anything when you have mSpy on your desired iPhone device.

Also, the other amazing thing is that this application will be updated automatically and takes less space on your desired iPhone device.

What Are The Price Plans Of The mSpy App For iPhone?

There are different attractive and affordable price options for the mSpy application and you can choose one of that packages, according to your need. The price plans of the mSpy application are listed as:

1. 1 Month Basic Package

In this package of the mSpy application, you will get limited and basic features of the app and it will cost you only $29.99. keep in mind that it is only a one-time package and after one month you again need to subscribe.

2. 1 Month Premium Package

In this mSpy package, you will get all the features of the application. But keep in mind that these features are only valid for one month. After one month you need to resubscribe and this package will cost you only $69.99.

3. 3 Months Premium Package

In this package, you will get more features than the basic package, and the validity of this package will be for 3 months. It is the best mSpy package overall. After three months, you need to resubscribe and this package will cost you only $39.99.

4. 12 Months Premium Package

This is the last package, in which you will get all the features of the mSpy application for your iPhone device. This is also the best seller package all the time. After one year, you need to resubscribe to this package. The cost of this package is $16.66.


Now, you discover all the detailed information that How to Install mSpy on iPhone, and with this review, it is easy for you to install this app. But keep in mind that if your iPhone device is not jailbroken then you will not install this mSpy app on any iPhone device.

Also, there are specific steps that you strictly need to follow before installing or downloading the app. There are four attractive packages of the mSpy app, which you can choose according to your desire.

With this app, you can easily monitor your child’s activity and this app will be helpful in many ways for you. So, don’t miss this opportunity at any cost.

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