How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone

How To Fix Vertical Lines On Android Phone Effectively – Easy Steps

How to fix vertical lines on android phone create serious issues like you can’t use your device? The touch screen device will never get access and it will become useless. Some white or black lines on a smartphone mean there is a software problem and really hard to fix.

If you are facing the same problem and now want to know How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android Phone, then remain with us. Today, we have decided to discuss this serious problem and find easy methods to get rid of vertical lines. So, let’s dive in-depth.

6 Effective Ways How To Fix Vertical Lines On Android Phones

You can easily fix the vertical lines on your smartphone at home. This software problem mostly occurs in Samsung devices; Galaxy J6, S7, and LG V20. Many other Android devices like Motorola, OnePlus, ZTE, Google Pixel, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Sony, Nokia, and Lenovo.

If you have a smartphone from one of these devices and you are facing a vertical line problem, then don’t worry. You can easily fix the line on the screen and make your device perfect for future use.

Sometimes it may cause screen panel issues or hardware problems and you find it difficult to fix. But you need to solve this problem immediately.

Hence, we have decided to discuss the 6 best ways to fix vertical lines on android devices. If you are wondering about a simple and effective way to fix this problem at home, then you should learn it from here.

How To Fix Vertical Lines On Android Phone Steps Before Moving To The Solution?

Before applying any method on your device to get rid of vertical lines, you have to follow some steps. These are as follows:

You have to back up your device and save all the mobile data before fixing the vertical lines. If you ignored this important step, then you will lose all the device data during the problem-fixing procedure.

Hence, you can use Google backup to save all the data like documents, photos, videos, etc.

Moreover, you can use Bluetooth and shift your data to another device or laptop.

If you have a 32 or 64-GB of memory card, then you can use it to back up all the important data and files.

1: Download the Application To Fix Vertical Lines

You can simply solve the vertical lines problem and easily get rid of it. But you have to download a mobile application that will remove the vertical lines.

Android Repair is the world’s best android app that enables its users to fix all the errors on their devices. It can be used to fix all the software errors in your device.

Hence, if you are facing a crashing problem on your android phone, this wonderful application will be used to solve the issue. Similarly, if your device is showing a black or white screen and you can use it properly, then you can use the android repair application. Hence, this outstanding application will also help you to fix the vertical or horizontal lines on your device.

2: Restart Your Android Phone

If you are facing some white or black line on your device’s screen for some time, you should solve this issue immediately. Hence, you can back up your data in Google backup or somewhere else and restart your device. The problems will be increased if you never take notice of it. So, take your android and use the power button to turn it off.

You can power off your android for some time and after a few minutes, you can turn it on. But it is a time-consuming method, so you can just use the restart option. Your device will be off and immediately will turn on. The problem will be fixed automatically and you will never face it again.

3: Charge Your Android

If your android is showing some vertical line on the screen and you are unable to use your device, then you should charge your device. This method will work and you will solve this issue easily.

Hence, take a mobile charger and use it to fully charge your phone. Do not use your device while charging because it may create some other problems.

Maybe your device can’t work properly for multiple uses and it ruins everything. Hence, you should take care of your android device and not use it until it is charged.

After the complete charging, you can plug off the charger and use your device. The performance will be great and the vertical line will be removed.

4: Factory Reset Your Android Phone

Factory reset is another method to fix the vertical line on your android phone. Many experts also recommend a factory reset of your device if you are facing white or black lines issues in your devices. Because the factory reset will solve all the software problems by default and your device will be ready to use.

In a factory reset case, your data will be lost and permanently removed from your device. Hence, you should back up all the data before applying this method. Follow our steps to know how to factory reset your android device.

  • You have to take your android phone which is showing the vertical lines, and simply Turn off your device.
  • Now you have to press the button which is usually used for Volume Up and also press the Home button at the same time.
  • After this, you have to press the Power key until you see the logo on phone.
  • Now you will see the options on your android screen and you have to select the “Wipe data/factory reset” option. For this, you can use the Volume Down key and also select the option by using the Power button. So, the “Yes- delete all users data” option will appear on the screen and you have to select it by using the Volume Down button.
  • Suddenly, the reset process will start and you have to wait for it until the next option.
  • After a few minutes of process, you will see the “Reboot system now” option on your screen which will be necessary to fix the vertical line problem permanently on your phone.
  • Hence, you have to press the Power button and the device will be automatically restarted.

5: Check The Phone Screen And Push It Gently

If you feel that the vertical line on your android screen is because of a hardware problem, then you can try an effective way. Hence, you have to take your device and gently push the screen or panel.

The lines will be removed and you will be happy. For a permanent solution, you can gently push the screen for 2-3 minutes and then see the results.

If the panel is creating an issue and the screen shows a vertical line, then your issue will be solved with the pushing method. Otherwise, you can go for the android market and change the panel.

6: Go To the Repair Center

You can take your android phone to the repair shop and tell them the problem. We are sure that the experts will solve your problem within a few hours and you will be free of this issue. Similarly, if the LCD is not comfortable and creates a problem, then they will fix it too.


The vertical or horizontal lines are creating serious issues for all android users. Hence, if your device has an LCD or hardware defect, you should instantly change it. If you cannot change your device.

Then you should find a decent and effective way to solve the problem. Hence, don’t search more about How to Fix Vertical Lines on Android phone, because we have provided the 6 best methods to fix this problem at home.

You have no need to waste your money or go to the market because this problem can be solved at home. You can easily fix the vertical lines on your android by yourself.

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