How To Delete E-Trade Account

E-Trade or Online trading is the action of exchanging financial market items/products via the internet. It is so common now and people are enjoying the online trading system. E-Trade is a business that allows everyone to secure their future and earn idle money.

On the internet, you can see a trading website that lets its users trade their budgets in bonds, financial securities, stocks, and joint funds. The official website allows you to create and edit your account details efficiently to share funds. Moreover, you have the opportunity to withdraw the amount from the bank account.

Trade is a really beneficial and amazing technique to grow your business and earn a superb amount of money. But last month, we received some emails in which people asked to delete their E-Trade account. We don’t know what is the reason behind this but we decided to help everyone who wants to cancel their subscription with E-Trade.

Hence, today we will discuss how E-Trade works and benefits everyone and How to delete an E-Trade account easily? Thus, If you have decided to cancel the E-trade services and want to close your account, then you need to read this article until the end.

How does E-Trade create funds/money?

  • Trade is a platform that requires no annual fee and no commission to make money. It provides a lot of services to get benefits and earn a huge amount daily. E-Trade company has different other methods of making money. While the order is monetizing, the customers of e-trade can earn bucks efficiently.

Also, the firm sends consumers’ purchases or sales orders to market makers for implementation. Hence, the E-Trade firm receives payment for the order discharge. E-Trade also makes good earnings whenever its margin consumers borrow funds to brief products or purchase products.

Benefits of E-Trade

E-Trade helps to start your business with very low investment and helps to grow it day by day. This system is very affordable and allows the customers to purchase useful items or products at a very low price. The online trading system has flexibility with users because it allows you to purchase your needed products from everywhere.

Hence, you have no need to travel to and brokerage company to participate in the trades. Moreover, you can execute a trade almost immediately.

You have no need to wait, or not required any appointments, no need to get in touch 24/7, etc. Numerous online trading stores, websites, and platforms offer trade information that makes it easy for people to notice how their acquisitions are doing in real-time.

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E-TRADE is most suitable for:

  • Retirement planning assistance
  • Beginner investor
  • Frequent traders
  • Research and data

Simple and Easy Way to Cancel or Delete Your E-Trade Account

Trade allows its users to create accounts easily through any electronic device.So, the users have to create an account by providing their original details.

Similarly, if you want to cancel or delete your E-Trade account from your mobile, then you can easily remove the application or uninstall it from your device.

But if you don’t want to connect with the E-trade system, then you have to permanently cancel your E-Trade account. You have three methods and explained each method in steps. These are as follows:

First Method: Delete E-Trade Account with the help of Online Chat

On the same page of customer service, you can find an option of live chat in the top right corner of your screen device. By clicking on the option of live chat, a new window will be open for your convenience.

But keep in mind that your browser allows this feature, if not then you can enable the live chat option in your browser settings. After some seconds, a new window takes you to the e-trade representative and your chat session begins here.

There is a list of options where you can choose the delete e-trade account instantly and these options are in the drop-down menu. After selecting the option of closing an e-trade account, you can see the last four unique numbers of your account there. You need to confirm your account number and then your account will be closed after some time when the chat session ends.

Second Method: Delete E-trade Account at a specific branch location

It is the best and most convenient option for you if you want to go to the branch location of e-Trade. There you can get easily in-person service if you have any complex problem while deleting your e-trade account.

There are more than thirty branch locations of E-trade services in US. E-trade branch locations are open six days a week, so they can fully facilitate their customers.

In some locations, they are open till evening. You can submit your deletion request of an e-trade account and you can see that your account will be closed instantly on the spot.

Third Method: Delete your E-Trade Account with the help of Snail Mail

This third method to delete your e-trade account is also friendly for you and you don’t need to spend much time on it. E-trade broker accepts the mail service and it is also a traditional method.

If you want to delete or close your e-trade brokerage account then this method will work, but through this method, you cant delete your e-trade bank account. You need to send the letter to the e-trade securities for the deletion of your e-trade account.

There are different mail addresses, which you can use to send mail. If you want to send first-class mail, then you can find mail addresses on the official site, and also you can find other mail addresses which you can use easily.

Note: keep in mind to add your e-trade account number in the letter and also you need to mention how you want to distribute your funds/money and it is the most important step which you need to mention in the letter.


Now you get all the information that you need to delete your e-trade account. As you know, the deletion of an e-trade account is a simple thing to do and it does not cost a dime.

If you wish to transfer your e-trade account then it means you want to close your account also and this transferring request will cost you $75. But the good thing is that some brokers charge fewer fees to delete your account and you need to keep open your eyes on these opportunities.

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