how to get someones ip address on xbox

How To Get Someones IP Address on Xbox [Live without Cain]

Xbox is a gaming platform that provides an outstanding experience in gaming. Players can play any game and enjoy it with their friends. It is used in the entire world and every country of players participate in a gaming competition. The racing games, soldiers, and mystery games especially can be played on Xbox.

Somehow, in the chat forum or lobby conversation makes you close to other players. If you want to get his exact location, then you think about his IP address. Because the IP address on any Xbox will provide you the exact location of other user.

Are you looking for a web page that teaches you the methods to get someone’s IP address on Xbox? If yes, then congratulations to you, because you are on the right page. We will define the safe and secure methods to get other Xbox gamer’s IP addresses.

If you are still thinking “How to Get Someone’s IP Address On Xbox”, then don’t worry because it is so simple and the several methods are provided in the following.

Several Methods to Get Someone’s IP address

If you want just simple information of your Xbox user friend or another Xbox user, then you can easily find his IP address and can see his location through some ways.

So, you can simply track the IP address of a gamer on Xbox, without any problem. Because there are a lot of alternatives accessible to you contingent upon your range of abilities and the level you will go to get the IP address.

From this web-page, you will get the 3 best methods to find someone’s IP address. All the strategies and techniques will help you to get some specialized information. Hopefully, you will not misuse these metho0ds and will not harm anyone with this information.

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Use Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is an efficient web-based tool that can be used on Xbox to track IP addresses. This tool enables the user to use simple steps and useful techniques for tracking another Xbox user’s IP address.

You will get several types of resolver such as Xbox Resolver, resolver, and Xboxresolver. The working is similar to these three tools and you can choose anyone. Some useful steps of Xbox Resolver are as follows:

Find out the User’s gamer tag: To track your victim’s IP, you need to find his information like a gamer tag. It will contain the numbers that are publicly displayed. That user ID will help you to get detailed information about that Xbox user. So, you have to copy that I’D and move to the next step.

Go to Xbox resolver Web-page: Now, you need to open the Xbox resolver and go to the button “Get started” and you need to click on it. Next, you have to scroll down and you will see the another are “Xbox Gamer tag”. You have to paste the copied I’D of the victim and then click “Resolver”.

Get IP: After the above steps, the tool will try to find the victim IP.

Note: This method is not working for all Xbox users. So, if you do not find it helpful, then you need to move to the next method/tool.

Use Xbox IP Address Finder

Next, we have the “Xbox IP Address Finder” tool which helps you to find other Xbox user’s or gamer’s IPs. As there are several IP address finders, such as IP Logger, IP address finder, etc. The URL will help you to find an IP code easily. So, you will get a code that will help you fetch IP. Simple steps of the complete process are as follows:

Go to IP logger: You have to visit the website of the IP logger. Scroll down and find the Image Shortener & URL area. Here, you have to enter any URL and click on the button “Get IP logger code” So, the special code will be provided.

Give the Link to User: You can now give that link to the Xbox user and then you will get the IP address of that user. Make sure that the user clicks on the link and he/she take interest in that provided link. Otherwise, you can’t get his IP address.

Track the Xbox IP: You have to move to the back of the IP logger web page. The page will provide you complete information and you can use that IP to track the user’s location.

Use Xbox IP Puller

This tool is wonderful and perfect to which enables you to get IPs with your device. Thus, in this method, you have a specific tool “Lanc Remastered”. It will help you to grab the Xbox IP with easy steps. So, these steps are as follows:

Prepare for Download: First of all, you need to get some other apps that will enable you to complete your task. These apps are necessary and uses in the complete IP garbing process. Such as C++ Redistributable Package 2010, .Net Framework 4.5.2, NPcap, WIN10PCAP, and WinRAR or 7zip.

Set your Internet Connection: You need to stable your internet connection because Lanc Remastered requires the best connection.

l Use windows 10 and go to the “Settings” option.

l Now click on the option “Network and Internet” and then select the “change adaptor option”.

l Search the Networking tab and find the option “Internet protocol 6th version” You have to untick that option and move to the next step.

Install Lanc Remastered: Simply search the Lanc Remastered download it to your device.

Tune Lanc Remastered: Now, it’s time to tune the Lanc Remastered tool with your Xbox. For this,

l You have to go to the “Settings” option and then click on the “Network settings”.

l Here you will find the IP and copy it to use for the next procedure.

l Use Lanc Remastered and type 3074 code.

Pull Xbox IPs: Now you have to create a party and invite other Xbox users. Simply click on “Start” button. Now you can see a lot of IPs under the connections tab. Pick up any IP and see all the information.


The Xbox users have different levels of gaming experience and they enjoy games without any risk. If anyone wants to track his Xbox friend or wants to see his location, then the three different methods are provided in the above section.

If you are interested to track anybody, then you can choose any one method or tool to complete your task. But you have to remember that, use the IP addresses for just fun and simple finding intention.

Otherwise, you will face many problems and no one will help you. All three methods are popular and the tools also have a separate fan following. The content and abilities will impress you.

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