Boursorama Ultim: Benefits and first impressions of 80€

Boursorama Ultim: Benefits and first impressions of 80€ Free Online

Welcome to this article, Boursorama Ultim: Benefits and first impressions of 80€ Free Online. We will guide you about step-by-step.

Presentation of the Ultim card

A few months ago, the online bank Boursoramalaunched an offer that directly competes with neobanks like N26 and Revolut . Leaving a pavement in the pond in the field of FinTech, the number 1 online bank is doing a great deal to win back customers of neobanks by launching its Ultim offer .

Its offer is simple: a free account, with a free card , allowing you to pay abroad free of charge , even in currencies other than the euro. Indeed, the card, the opening, the maintenance and the closing of the account are free , as well as withdrawals and payments abroad. These services are charged very dearly in other banks, especially in traditional banks.
Boursorama has been ranked the cheapest bank on the market for 11 consecutive years . Suffice to say that they are not just anyone in the banking sector.

To benefit from this offer, you will only have to use the card once a month (even for a payment of € 1), or it will cost € 15 per month of inactivity. Needless to say, the card will be free, because if you make it your primary (or secondary) account, you will use your card at least once per month.

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The Ultim offer

This offer is very interesting: bank account with a French RIB (it is a real recognized French bank), possibility of cashing checks and requesting a checkbook (even to edit bank checks). The card is an elegant classic Visa card, with a premium rendering, in the “black card” style.
With this current account, you also have a separate savings account allowing you to save directly in your Boursorama customer area..

With this offer, you also have an authorized overdraft of € 100, since it is a real online bank. The limits of the card are 3000 € of payment per month (30 sliding days) and 920 € of withdrawal per week. All these ceilings are of course extendable by simple request. An exceptional withdrawal of € 3000 is also possible within 24 hours.

Of course, the Ultim card is contactless compatible via NFC and compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay . You can also block the card directly on the application, no need to directly oppose it in the event of loss of the card.

Pricing table

The opening, maintenance and closing of the account Free
Payments abroad Free
Withdrawals abroad Free
Visa Ultim bank card Free * (* 15 € / month if no transaction carried out)
Access to accounts 24 hours a day Free
Specimens Free

Subscription and sponsorship

When subscribing to the Ultim card, Boursorama Ultim: Benefits and first impressions of 80€ as soon as your bank account is validated. We offer you an additional 20 € in case of registration via our referral link. Which gives you a total of 100 € for opening a Boursorama bank account with the Ultim offer .
You can also earn an additional € 50 by making Boursorama your main bank by domiciling your income and withdrawals there.


This offer will be perfect if you are tired of paying exorbitant fees at your current bank. It will also be very interesting for travelers by completely eliminating foreign exchange fees for payments and withdrawals abroad.

The Ultim offer is shaking up online banks but especially neobanks by attacking the free sector abroad. This sector is shared between several neobanks like N26, Revolut, Max and more recently Kard.

This is currently the best offer offered by an online bank or a neobank. It competes for free with Premium offers such as those of N26 (Black and Metal) or Revolut (Premium). Let’s wait and see if its competitors will raise the bar even higher in terms of free banking services.

To conclude, if you are tired of paying too much bank fees for a less attractive offer, I can only advise you to switch to Boursorama’s Ultim offer., you will not regret it.
This article is a presentation of the offer that I have been using for a short month, another more complete test article will be available in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget to use our referral linking case of registration to win 100 € ( 80 € from Boursorama and 20 € additional from us ).

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