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Eight (08) Best Xbox 360 Shooting Games – Latest and Updated

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You load up and seize your fight rifle for some of the best first-person shooters (FPS) on Xbox 360. Microsoft designed an excellent medium for FPS games with its two-trigger controller layout and a large library of shooters that have something for everyone.

Dating back to the original Xbox and its launch with Halo, Microsoft has prioritized grittier games than rivals Sony and Nintendo. These games helped give birth to a boom of FPS games that still has a lasting impact on the industry.

Below you’ll find the best Xbox 360 first-person shooters spanning the console’s entire lifespan. While FPS games often catch flak for redundancy or a lack of originality, you won’t find that in any of these Xbox 360 shooting games.

You can get an epic sci-fi experience exploring alien worlds in Halo 3, or traverse obstacles with teleportation guns in Portal 2 and if you like danger, you’ll love running from crocodiles in Far Cry 3. No matter what game you choose, you’ll be in for tons of action and big surprises.

List Of 8 Best Xbox 360 Shooting Games:

1. Best For Halo Series: Halo 3

Halo 3 may be over a decade old, but it’s still tons of fun and holds up as one of the best first-person shooters on the Xbox 360, especially with its massive campaign that you can play split-screen with a friend.

The third iteration of the hit series brings more accessible gameplay for casual players and improves on its predecessors with new vehicles, enemies, and a ton of powerful new weapons.

Halo 3 spans nine sprawling levels in alien worlds brought to life with ancient concrete jungle structures, deserts, and forests crawling with enemies to mow down.

Part of the fun is the game’s use of weaponry and vehicles: swing firefights by controlling a powerful beam to destroy tanks or hijacking extraterrestrial motorcycles with just a punch.

The campaign includes offline co-op so you and a friend can both cover each other’s backs, hop in a truck and take down the Flood once and for all.

2. Best For War Games: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The epic combat never stops in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The main story mode boasts an array of different missions that will have you doing everything from driving tanks, operating UAVs, and rushing into compounds amidst explosions that will rattle your world.

The levels in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are gorgeous and designed with long draw distances that play up the detailed graphics so you can take in all the fine details. Watch trees sway and fall over and tank shells blow out the side of buildings to reveal hidden enemies thanks to a physics system that features realistically destructible environments.

The game’s cutscenes and large cinematic scope funnel you into the action with diverse enthralling gameplay that’ll keep you busy blowing everything up.

3. Best For A Sci-Fi Setting: Rage

From the creators of Doom, Rage is a gritty sci-fi-style first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of stunning imagery and graphics that could pass as an Xbox One game. The game’s stellar main story mode packs in a lot of features, including smart enemy AI, unique weaponry, and exciting vehicle combat.

Rage’s first-person Xbox 360 shooting games are hectic and fast-paced as enemies bounce around, dodge, and weave to anticipate your every shot. Some special enemies are impervious to your arsenal, but you’ll have fun figuring out the best way to strategize against your foes.

Utilize special ammunition types, a bladed boomerang, and even mind-controlling bolts to gain the upper hand on your enemies. Enjoy the game’s arcade style as you drive around in your car, firing rockets and speeding fast through an open world filled with destroyed cities and unique characters.

4. Best For Action: Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops is full of phenomenal non-stop cinematic action with smooth gameplay, sound design, voice acting, and a fantastic story. The Xbox 360 first-person shooter is set during the Cold War and captures a CIA operative reliving the memories of battles in Vietnam, Cuba, and many other locations.

With all the explosions of a Michael Bay movie, Call of Duty: Black Ops is a story about clandestine operations where you’ll perform missions like infiltrating secret Nazi bases in the Arctic, attempting an assassination on Fidel Castro, and traversing the jungles in a Vietnam War flashback.

The exciting action sequences transition into gameplay seamlessly, and you won’t just take your battles on foot, but escape by riding motorcycles, piloting Hind helicopters, and operating SR-71s.

Best of all, the offline two-player zombie mode includes a level where you can play as JFK, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara, or Fidel Castro — each with their own funny dialogue — while fending off zombies invading the White House.

5. Best For Fantasy: BioShock Infinite

From a world of imagination, BioShock Infinite isn’t just a first-person shooter, but an enthralling steampunk fantasy about a utopian city in the sky called Columbia. Players work as a detective in search of a captive while using a combination of weapons (like carbines and rockets) and psychokinetic powers such as throwing powerful fireballs.

BioShock Infinite is an immersive gaming experience with a huge world that delights with finer details, from its carefully crafted characters and imaginative scenery to its thrilling story that’ll keep you locked in until the very end.

Beyond its attention to detail, the game rolls in with innovative and dynamic combat that utilizes Columbia’s sky-line rollercoaster rail system where you can swing and grind all around the city and gain an advantage over your enemies.

Since it’s the complete collection, you’ll get the original game plus all of the DLC that includes new gear and levels.

6. Best For Survival Horror: Condemned: Criminal Origins

Despite being one of the first Xbox 360 titles, Condemned: Criminal Origins will still shock gamers with its unnerving first-person survival horror gameplay and a gritty visceral world that will make you want to play with the lights on.

As you catch your breath, you’ll explore derelict urban environments, investigate crime scenes and find a serial killer who framed you.

Condemned: Criminal Origins is not a traditional first-person shooter; though firearms are present, they’re scarce. You’ll have to utilize whatever you can find as a weapon—including pipes, locker doors, and 2x4s—in order to survive.

Enemies are clever, and you’ll be thinking on your feet as they run and hide from you, feign death and try to read your every strategy. Search forensics on crime scenes as you unravel a heart-racing storyline that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat with every step you take.

7. Best For Puzzles / Unique Challenges:

Portal 2 is a different type of shooter; instead of the usual run-and-gun gameplay, it’s a platform puzzle game where players use a portal gun to make entry and exit holes in order to reach a goal. It features a surprisingly robust story filled with plot twists, character development, and stellar voice acting from stars like J.K. Simmons.

Portal 2 is perfect for people who love games with creative problem-solving elements. It provides a well-balanced mix of challenges that avoids becoming too overcomplicated to ruin the fun.

You’ll traverse obstacle courses by creating teleportation points, avoiding toxic pools, redirecting lasers, stopping turrets, and bouncing off gels to complete levels.

The game includes a two-player cooperative mode where you and a friend play as two adorable robots. Communication is key if you want to remain in sync and reason your way to the end of levels.

8. Best for Immersion: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3’s immerses you in a huge open world with beautiful graphics, interactive gameplay, and subtle detailing. The setting takes place on a lush tropical island where you’ll fly planes, craft items, and swim as you try to traverse the jungle.

Human enemies are just the tip of the iceberg as the island’s complex wildlife includes lions, tigers, and bears that you’ll need to avoid to survive on the island.

A vacation goes awry as your friends are kidnapped by pirates and it’s up to you to save them by becoming a fierce warrior. Far Cry 3’s FPS action is complemented by deep role-playing elements that let you choose how you want to play the game.

You can play up your stealth to surprise enemies with ambush attacks, increase your health to survive any battle, or improve your hip-fire accuracy among other attributes.

The game has 38 main missions with plenty of side quests that encourage exploration so you can take it all in and make this one vacation you’ll never forget.

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