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How To Turn Wired Speaker into Bluetooth? [Can You Do It]

Are you looking for a way to make You Turn To Convert Wired Speakers into Bluetooth? Complete Tutorial. We will guide you step-by-step.

Who has never wanted to transform their wired speaker or Hi-Fi system into a Bluetooth speaker? The constraint of cables in one case, the dematerialization of CDs in the other, or even the elimination of Jack cables on some smartphones! It’s time to go wireless, and that’s what we’re going to see today in this article.

Turn Wired Speaker InTo Bluetooth – Detailed Information

How To


To be able to transform your old Hi-Fi system or your speakers/cabinets into wireless speakers, you will need at least a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector (the classic smartphone connection) or an RCA output (typical of Hi-Fi systems). or Home Cinema).

Then you will need a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver (in our case the Aukey brand, the one I tested).
To illustrate the device, here is an image is taken directly from the product page:

Photo Credit: Aukey

The Operation Of The Device

Once the device is connected by wire (either mini-jack or RCA) to your speakers, I advise you to leave it constantly connected to a USB socket (if you have one on your listening station, it is perfect) so as not to have to recharge it when it runs out of battery. Indeed, otherwise, its 100% charged battery is scheduled for 13 hours of listening in a row (which is far from bad for such a small battery). I, therefore, advise you to leave it connected to a conventional 5V USB socket (smartphone charger type) or directly to your speaker as said previously (the micro-USB cable is supplied).

To turn wired speaker into bluetooth on the device, nothing could be simpler, you just have to keep pressing the central button (you can’t go wrong there is only one) until you have the small LEDs flashing red and blue.

When they flash red and blue, it simply means that your device (smartphone, tablet) is ready to connect via Bluetooth to the transmitter. On your smartphone, you will just have to go to the Bluetooth settings to connect to it. To find its name simply, refer to the documentation supplied with the product, it may differ.

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Operation With The Smartphone

Once connected, it’s good! You have nothing more to do, except for example to go and play some music to test your new product!
The main functions of the tested product are:

  • its size (fits easily in a pocket)
  • its functions (the button that can play/pause and change music in different combinations)
  • embeds a microphone so you can make your calls directly to your speakers
  • also compatible with your car if it has an auxiliary output
  • its price: around fifteen euros on Amazon

Its Second Feature

It also allows you to transform your wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones, yes, it acts as a receiver and a transmitter, that is to say, it can receive or transmit a Bluetooth signal. And therefore be able to connect your headphones directly to your wireless smartphone!

You just have to plug in your headphones to the box and connect the box in Bluetooth to your phone and you’re done! You will receive your music directly and wirelessly in your headphones!

Final Words


This box is an ideal solution to transform your old speakers, your car speakers, or your Hi-Fi station into a Bluetooth speaker, no more wires, you only need your smartphone and this little box! It is supplied with a mini-jack cable as well as a mini-jack to RCA to connect it as well as a micro-USB cable to recharge it!

There are others more expensive, especially with the possibility of passing optical cables, but it is useless in our case. We just have to connect it in mini-jack!

This product is currently available for € 17 on Amazon.

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