True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25

True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25 Review [Updated]

Here is a complete review of the wireless Bluetooth headset test from Aukey, True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25 Review Firmware manual driver.

True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25 Review

It’s been a while since there was a product review on PassTech, I will try to be more regular and offer you more tests and product presentations (whether in collaboration with brands or not).

Today, we are going to see a small affordable product in tune with the times, since it is a pair of True Wireless Bluetooth headphones that the Aukey brand kindly sent me a few months ago. I’ve been working with them for a few years now, they were among the first to trust me when PassTech was just a small blog with few visitors. I would therefore like to thank them particularly.

I will therefore give you the report of my tests concerning the True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25 that I have been testing for several months.

Product Presentation

The product is presented as most of the truly wireless headphones on the market that you know (I am thinking in particular of the AirPods which democratized and popularized true wireless headphones around the world): a charging box, two independent headphones one of the ‘other, a charging cable (in USB-C moreover), and voila!

The headphone case is, I find, quite successful. Made of black hard plastic, it will blend in perfectly with a work (or leisure) environment. It has four blue LEDs on the front indicating (when you open the case) its charge level of it. So practical to know where we are in the day (to avoid breaking down on the bus, for example, it is not a superb experience …).

It is also equipped, as I said above, with a USB-C port allowing it to be recharged easily, especially if you have an Android smartphone equipped with USB-C, no need to bring 23 different cables when you go on the move (Apple is talking to you).

First Use

For the first use, there is one thing to know to avoid wasting 10 minutes figuring out how they pair with the phone (like me when I received the product). On each of the headphones, a small plastic film covers the charging connectors to prevent the batteries from being discharged during transport. They must therefore be removed so that the headphones connect well to the charging case. Once removed, place the headphones in the case and you can now connect them.

To pair them with your devices, nothing could be simpler. Simply open the charging case with the headphones inside, and go to your device’s Bluetooth settings. They should appear and be detected for pairing. Once the pairing is done, you just have to take them out of the box and put them in your ears. You can then quietly listen to your music.
To connect other devices, repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

Headphones Features

Despite their low price (around thirty euros, but sometimes on sale below thirty euros), they equip several significant technologies:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 (allows automatic connection to your paired devices by opening the case)
  • IPX5 certification (resistant to perspiration during physical exertion and to rain, but beware, they are not waterproof when submerged in water)
  • 25 hours of battery life (5 hours per headphone charge cycle, plus 4 additional charges thanks to the case)
  • Powerful bass for such small headphones
  • Fast charge in USB-C

For the connection of the headphones with my iPhone, I was quite impressed since as soon as I open the charging case of the headphones, they immediately connect via Bluetooth without having to manually connect them. The same when storing the headphones and closing the case, the headphones automatically disconnect from the phone. The automatic connection to the phone is done in less than 5 seconds and the disconnection in less than a second.

We are approaching the connection speed to AirPods (the time is almost equivalent), which is a very good point from Aukey on this point. Note that the Airpods are not equipped with Bluetooth 5, unlike the True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by AUKEY EP-T25.

We also have other features in use such as gesture management via the right earpiece. You can then easily pause your songs with a “tap”, go to the next song with two, and return to the previous song with three. Note a very small downside on this touch surface, it will sometimes happen that the music pauses on its own if you touch your right earpiece a little, the sensitivity of the touch surface is quite high. But nothing disturbing in use, unless like me, the in-ear headphones do not fit too much in your ears.

To remedy this, Aukey provides 3 different sizes of ear tips to adjust to your ear size. I personally used the smaller tips, quickly having discomfort with in-ear headphones in general (this is not Aukey’s fault but a personal sensitivity with all the intros headphones that I could use).

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User Experience And Sound Quality

It’s all well and good to have a lot of additional features (it’s very nice, by the way), but the primary utility of headphones is of course listening, whether it’s music, podcasts, videos, or movies/series.

When listening to videos or podcasts, the headphones do quite well. The voices are clear, well audible and it does not saturate. It’s nice to listen to your audio podcasts in your deckchair while sipping a mojito (actually it’s more of a hot chocolate on your sofa, but we have the right to dream a little…).

As for films and series, listening is also pleasant. We will not have the same experience as with a 5.1 home cinema, but it is not really comparable. Ambient sounds are well reproduced, vocals are clear, and bass is fairly present for headphones of this size. I still prefer to watch my films and series with headphones on when I’m at home, but so as not to be bothered if you want to watch your series at lunch break or on the bus, it’s totally doable. . Note also that since these are in-ear headphones, there will be a passive noise reduction due to the plastic tips that obstruct the ear canals, allowing better immersion.

As for the music, I am quite impressed with such small headphones, and especially for their price (which is about thirty euros I remind you), the sound quality of the music is really good. Whether in several musical styles elsewhere, as well as in raprockelectro, etc. the quality is there. You will be able to have fun with your phone’s equalizer (whether in your music app or on streaming apps like Deezer or Spotify ) to enhance your experience depending on the style of music you are listening to.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 certification
  • Autonomy
  • USB-C fast charge
  • Sensitivity of the tactile part
Final Words


In summary, for their attractive price, these are great wireless headphones that will be able to satisfy you if you are on a tight budget. It is true that we do not have all the means to spend between 80 and 150 euros on headphones. What is more, they are really well equipped for their price and I understand why they are so sold and so highly rated on the internet.

These A ukey EP-T25 headphones have an excellent quality/price ratio and they are placed at the top of the basket of wireless headphones under 50 euros. We have real true wireless, Bluetooth 5 technology that is not yet present everywhere (even on high-end historic brands), the pairing is easy and fast, and the audio quality is not at all bad. , even very good for this price.

So if you are looking for high-performance wireless headphones for a reduced price, I can only recommend this product. It will meet your needs, I think, and you will surely not regret your purchase. Personally, I am not at all a fan of in-ear headphones, but I am sure that those who love, they will be perfect for you!

Thank you again to Aukey for trusting me, do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments. See you soon for a new product test!