How To Download Ali Express Videos

How To Download Ali Express Videos For Products Ad?

Welcome to this article, How To Download Ali Express Videos For Products Free On Phone android and iPhone. We will guide you step-by-step.

There is a variety of online business platforms where you can give your best to enhance and boost your business. Ali Express is one of those online businesses where you use your business mindset.

But there are certain things that you need to follow to grow your business on Ali Express like how to attract your customers and what things your customer needs.

How do you plan to give your product to the customers in time and what is the best way to show your products to customers through the Ali Express business platform?

Videos and images are the best way to show your product details on any online business platform. The question comes that how to download Ali Express videos and images for a better understanding of your customers.

These images and videos for Ali Express play a vital role in your business because they promote and advertise your product’s detail to the customer. Don’t worry, because here you will find easy-to-download videos from the Ali Express website.

What Is Ali Express?

Online retailers use the Ali Express business platform to promote their products. As you know, Ali Express is a huge online marketplace where you can find a variety of products according to your needs.

Well, there is tough competition between the prices of the products because every retailer wants to sell their products to the customers with high standard quality.

The surprising thing is that Ali Express is itself, online retailer. The sellers of Ali Express know very well that most of their customers do some drop-shipping.

Without facing any issues with shipping, you can get your needy product from Ali Express online. You can get your products at a wholesale rate and then you can deliver them to your customers via drop-shipping.

How To Download Videos From Ali Express? Two Best Ways:

1. Video Downloader Plus

You can download any product videos from the Ali Express business platform if you use “Video Downloader Plus”. You can find this extension only on google chrome. It is an easy and efficient online tool that gives you results according to your wish.

From this extension, you can easily get any video from Ali Express within a time. After that, you can save this video on your internal memory. The main thing which surprises you is that it is free to use. Here you will find how to install it.

Step 1:

You just need to go to the web store of google chrome and search “Video Downloader Plus”.

Step 2:

After installing it on your web page, you need to navigate to the Ali Express product where you want to download the video. After navigating, just open the Video Downloader Plus extension which is located on the top right corner menu bar. On that menu, you will see all the videos are listed to ready for download with an icon of MP4.

Step 3:

After clicking on the icon, you can file your video’s name or also can download pictures, and then you need to go to the option “save as”. After downloading the video, you can use it for any purpose.

2. With The Help Of Source Code

You can download videos from Ali Express with this simple and amazing trick. You just need to follow the below steps,

  1. Simply go to the web page of Ali Express, which has some videos.
  2. The second step is mainly because you don’t need to play the video at first.
  3. After seeing the thumbnail of your related video, you just need to press right-click on your desired video. If the right-click won’t work properly then try to refresh the web page.
  4. At the bottom of the web page, you will see the option whose title is “Inspect” or you can simply press Ctrl+Shift+I.
  5. Now, you will get a screen with codes. These are the core codes of the web page, which you are using right now.
  6. After appearing in codes, you need to simply type Ctrl+F. These keys represent finding something on the web page.
  7. After typing this short key, you will find a box to write in it.
  8. You just need to type “.MP4”.
  9. Now, you will get all the files containing mp4. keep in mind, that this is the required video link to download.
  10. You can just right-click on the link or also you can open this link in a new web page tab.
  11. As the new tab opens, your desired video will download automatically into your internal device memory.
  12. By pressing the right-click on the video screen, save this video by choosing the “save as” option, or simply you can type CTRL+S to download.

Is It Legal To Download Ali Express Videos?

Berne Convention in which Chine has a signatory establishes international Copyright law. Through this law, all videos or images which are only produced in the China region are protected by the Berne Convention.

Without any permission or any other authorization, you have no right to use Ali Express videos or images. You can simply ask permission from the vendor and they will permit you as they also want to promote their stores or business.

Why Do You Need To Download Videos From The Ali Express Platform?

Use Them In The Ads On Facebook

You can use product details in the form of videos which you can download from Ali Express. Using videos of Ali Express, you can create Ads for the Facebook platform. These product videos are better than the regular images of the product.

  • You can use Ali Express videos for Shopify

It is another valid reason to use Ali express videos for Shopify product details. Because the purpose of videos will affect good to the customer’s mind and they fully understand how the product work. Using videos of your product is the best and also it will increase your business ratio as well.


Here all the related information about Ali Express videos is covered with easy and crystal clear words. You find different ways to download Ali Express videos, which will cost you nothing because they are free for everyone. But asking permission from the vendors is a good option for you to prevent legal actions from the authority.

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