Best Google Weather App for Android

Google Weather App For Android / iPhone – How to Install?

In this article, we are going to guide you about Best Free Google Weather App for Android and iPhone With Frog which is very helpful for you.

How To Get Google Weather App For Your Android / iPhone:

Here is a confession: I am a weather addict. So I love to spend all my time on tropical islands, right? I wouldn’t mind, but that’s not what I mean.

I’m a weather enthusiast in the thought that I find it easier to check the weather forecast on my phone rather than see out the window. And I do this many times a day, especially when the winter.

And as a weather addict, I need very specific weather data and a reliable weather forecast. Plus, I hate weather apps that request a ton of permissions or serve a ton of ads and consume up your battery.

In my exploration of the ideal weather app, I have come to enjoy what is free, has no ads, and what works probably, and on Android that is the Google Weather applet. I am assuming the applet because it’s not a full-blown app that you can download from the Google Play Store (which is a shame).

And while it does get kind of embedded with the Google search widget on most phones, I really do prefer having an icon on my home screen that I know is constantly there and I can push and get the full forecast.

So if the weather app on your Android phone is not good enough how do you substitute it with the Google Weather app? And how can you know the Google Weather app icon within easy reach, on your Android phone home screen? It’s super easy, and I will walk you through the process in a few simple steps.

Unfortunately, this will not work for iPhones, where the only way to get Google’s Weather forecast is inside the Google app or the Google Assistant.

Step 1: Open The Google App On Your Phone

Most Android phones should appear with the Google app previously installed. Explore the Google app on your phone and open it, if it’s there!

Step 1A: If You Don’t Have The Google App On

If you can’t discover the Google app on your Android phone, download it from the Play Store. To do this, start the Play Store app on your phone, type in ‘Google’, and connect the application.

Step 2: Weather Lives Inside The Google App

Already inside the Google app, you should notice something like the screen up. Tap on the weather forecast!

Step 3: Easy Shortcut

If that is the initial time you are opening the Google app, you will notice a pop-up notification that asks you whether you desire to add the Weather app shortcut to your home screen. That’s what we developed for! So just tap ‘Add’ and the app will see you on your home screen, and you’re done!

Step 4: The Most Important Step

If you don’t notify the pop-up to appear, worry not. You might have removed it previously. To add the symbol shortcut to your home screen simply press the three-button icon reverse of the name of your home town, and then touch “Add a home screen shortcut”.

You can then manually move the icon where you desire it to be on your home screen or have it automatically attached (it’s usually added on your last home screen panel).

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Weather App Icon!

This is how Google Weather seems once you’re inside the applet — super detailed by-the-hour forecast, cool graphics, a breakdown of tomorrow’s weather, and a 10-day forecast.

Step 6: You’re All Set!

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