Remove Sound to iphone Camera

How To Remove Sound To iPhone Camera On 11 Pro Max

Welcome to this article, How to Remove Sound to iPhone Camera On 6,7,8, X and 11 pro max, 12. To perform this here are a few steps.

Is there no way to turn off the camera noise? Remove Sound to iPhone camera sound from your iPhone permanently. To perform this, you just need to follow a few simple instructions.

Do you have camera noise when taking a photo with your iPhone and you can’t turn it off? It is probably that you bought an iPhone in Asia or that you got a refurbished iPhone.
These iPhones are intended for the Asian market (Japan, and South Korea) and it is impossible to deactivate this noise natively. However, thanks to the jailbreak, it will be possible to remove this noise permanently. Note that it is mandatory to jailbreak your iPhone to do this manipulation, but it will be possible to remove this jailbreak later.

Note: The only solution to remove this noise is to jailbreak your iPhone. This is the only way to permanently get rid of that unpleasant sound when taking a photo.

How To Remove Sound To iPhone Camera On 6,7,8, X and 11 pro max, 12.

I myself paid the price by buying a new reconditioned iPhone 7, which was originally intended for Japan.

I advise you to be careful before ordering a refurbished iPhoneor buy a new iPhone directly. On some sites (which I will not mention), the majority of second-hand iPhones sold come from the Asian market (because the resale margin is higher due to the low redemption costs).


  • A jailbroken iPhone ( iOS 12 tutorial / iOS 13 tutorial )
  • 3 minutes of his time

For those who are on iOS 12, follow my jailbreak tutorial. For those on iOS 13, follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Open Cydia.

Step 2: In the Search tab at the bottom right, find the “Filza File Manager” application (completely free, on the BigBoss source).

Step 3: Click on the “Install” button at the top right (instead of my “Modify” button), then confirm the installation.

Step 4: Exit Cydia, return to your iPhone’s springboard (desktop), and open the downloaded Filza app.

This is what the Filza app looks like:

It is a file manager that gives access to all the files on your iPhone. Including sound files (and therefore camera noise).

Step 5: Navigate to the folders as follows: System> Library> Audio> UISounds then delete the file named photo shutter. caf by dragging the file to the left (or by long pressing on it and clicking on the Trash icon).

Step 6: You no longer have camera noise when taking a photo, Snapchat, or whatever.

Note: If you still have the noise, make sure the photo shutter. caf is deleted, and if not restart your iPhone.

These steps worked for me, I had been looking for a solution for a few months, which was quite quick and easy after all.

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