Pc Gamer kolink Void rgb Review

Pc Gamer Kolink Void Rgb Review in 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A comprehensive review of a cheap, quality-price ratio Pc Gamer Kolink Void Rgb Review in 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. This is very useful.

It’s been a while since I last reviewed PassTech , but it’s over. I would particularly like to thank the Case King online sales sitewho provided me with the box to carry out this review.
It won’t be the only collaboration with this site, there will be more reviews of other products in the future. We would like to set up a lasting and serious collaboration.

Case aesthetics

Basically, I wasn’t specifically looking for a new box for my Hackintosh , which I had already changed about a year ago. But when I chose this case to test, I told myself that I was going to kill two birds with one stone: test it and give it to a friend of mine who had inherited an aging and dusty case. Everyone was a winner, I could write my article and do my test, and he had a brand new case for his PC. Himself living in a 9 square meter room at the CROUS, he needs a nice machine to pass his time.

On the design side, the case is very pretty. It has a glass front panel that produces a mirror effect, which makes it possible to reflect the periphery of RGB LEDs and offer a very successful effect. I invite you to judge for yourself.


The display of the LEDs is itself configurable with about fifteen pre-defined effects . There is no software to install or have a compatible motherboard, you just have to press a button on the top panel of the case.

It also has a 120 mm RGB fan (the only fan in the case), which can be set in the same way as the strip of LEDs on the front panel. It will produce the same effects to be in symbiosis and be consistent in the play of light.

The left side panel is very good quality tempered glass , I was quite surprised. We will talk about it again in the part concerning the functionalities of the box.

Features of the box

Not much to add on the aesthetic side, we will move on to an equally important part: what the box offers in terms of functionality .

To begin with (remember that it is an entry-level box offered at around fifty euros), the box offers a top panel containing two USB 2 ports, two USB 3 ports, microphone / headphone ports as well as an ON / OFF button and a button controlling the lighting of the RGB LEDs. It also has two small LEDs indicating if the hard drives are working.


Upper panel of the box including the connectors.

The number of ports is sufficient, enough to connect USB keys or external hard drives for example. All 4 ports should not be called at the same time, so you have plenty to do!

To stay on top of the top panel, it also has a magnetic dust cover . It is therefore removable and can be easily removed, to remove dust quickly. However, there is no fan on the upper part. It will therefore be necessary to add more if you feel that the air flow is not efficient enough. The only fan is located on the back, as I showed you earlier.

The power supply for the box will be placed at the bottom of the box, so as not to overload the box with its heavy weight. Small subtlety: there is a power supply cover to hide the unit as well as the cables! Big highlight for a case of this price, I did not expect that before receiving it. A removable dust cover is also present below the case, allowing an exit of the air flow via the fan of the power supply, placed at the bottom. It will allow you to dust without having to dismantle everything.

We can therefore carry out cable management easily, without having to worry about trying to get all the cables through the right part of the box (which contains a removable black cover).

                                    Kolink VOID RGB case

I even allowed myself to put a sticker of the PassTech logo on the power supply cover to give the Pc Gamer Kolink Void Rgb Review even more class!

Regarding the right side panel (the tempered glass one): nothing to say! It is of super quality, quite thick and very sturdy. It is attached to the case by 4 hand screws (easy to remove), allowing it to be securely fixed. It adds an aesthetic side with the reflections, making it possible to see the inside of your Pc Gamer Kolink Void Rgb Review very easily. Well, don’t pay attention to the cable management, it’s pretty non-existent (but we’ve come a long way, you know).

On the functional side, I don’t have much else to add, it’s still a PC box, we’re not going to connect a coffee machine …

Component installation and scalability

After having seen the aesthetic aspect of the case and what it offers, it is important to see if we can fit all of its components, and if we can modify them in the future.

To start with the motherboard, the case is compatible with all models and all sizes: whether Micro-ATX , Mini-ITX or full-format ATX . There will be no problem to install your motherboards, even the sturdiest.

On the graphics card side, you can install up to two (if your motherboard allows it, and your wallet too) with a length of up to 310 mm (knowing that even an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI Founders Edition does not exceed the 270 mm, you can go).


The Kolink VOID RGB case with its tempered glass side panel.

We rather have an AMD RX 570 , a much smaller model, so we still have a lot of headroom! We could have afforded to put 2 Nvidia RTX 2080 TI in it, but hey, we didn’t want to impress you too much …

If you want to install a Watercooling , this is also possible. The box accepts fans up to 240 mm on the front panel, enough to install large animals like the Corsair Hydro H100ior the NZXT Kraken X52.

But if you opt for an air cooling solution, try not to exceed a height greater than 160 mm , in which case the beautiful tempered glass panel will not be able to close. I recommend the be Quiet, for example ! Pure Rock which is no longer to present.

One of the only negative points of this box is for the installation of hard drives and SSDs. If you are only using M.2 or NVMe SSDs , you will not be dealing with this problem. But for the others, who use 2.5 or 3.5 inch SSDs or SATA hard drives , you will have to be cunning to install them.

As for SSDs or 2.5 “hard disks, it will be quite easy, there are slots on the battery cover that allow them to be placed” relatively “simply. But for 3.5” hard disks, it’s quite complicated (even for a person who is used to building PCs). It will be necessary (if you have more than a 3.5 “disc), place one upside down under the power supply cover, because access for screwdrivers is difficult in the other direction.

Nevertheless, small rubber pads are provided to avoid too strong tremors or vibrations due to the plate discs, which are quite simple to position once you understand the rigging system.


  • Power supply cover
  • “Mirror” effect with LEDs
  • Configurable LEDs
  • Cable management made easy


  • Difficult to install 3.5 “hard drives


To conclude, I would say that this box is good value for money . In addition to offering a rather very nice design, and offering everything a classic box can offer, I think it’s a good choice to afford a beautiful PC without breaking the bank. From experience, I know that the box is often neglected in a PC, since it does not “change anything” in the performance of the PC, but it is still very important since it is it that you will see under your desk. You must therefore choose one that you like and that will last you over time.

It offers a rather large customization, with its different colors and moods of LEDs, and also allows you to see the internal components of your PC, which can be very nice if the cable management is well done (not like us).

You will find below a table which recapitulates the advantages / disadvantages of the case, with the notes that I gave it in the different parts that I deemed necessary to note.

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to share it and give me your opinion in the comments! I would like to thank Case King once again for allowing me to produce this article. See you next time !

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