How to Use Pandora – Free Music Streaming App

Everyone in today’s, video. I want to show you how to use Pandora app. It’s, a music streaming and podcast app, and he’s been around for a long time. Since 2005, I’ve, had it for about a decade or so. So, if you’re a beginner and you haven’t used Pandora, it’s been a while that you use Pandora.

They do change it up all the time and if you use other apps like Apple, music, or Spotify, this might be a good alternative for you. So I’ll. Show you how to use it. So let’s, jump into the App Store, get Pandora, and I’ll.

Show you exactly how to use the app and all the features it has to offer. So if you jump in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store here, you’ll find Pandora, music, and podcasts. If you search for it and go ahead and download and open it, and let me show you around the app now I’ve – had the app for well over ten years.

They actually came on in 2005, but let me briefly show you the structure of the app. Then I’ll. Show you the most useful feature that you use every time you use the app so for you. If you come to the home page here, you’ll have a bunch of options here to choose from so you could browse music right over here by genre new music podcast, you’ll. Have you recently played here? You’ll have top songs of the week, so you could go through this homepage and it will give you a lot of useful options.

But what I think is a lot easier is the search option. So look at the bottom. You have for you my collection, search and profile, so let’s, jump into search here and under search just on the top search bar Press that and search for anything any artist.

You want any type of music you want and, as you can see here, underneath that you have categories you could search by artists, you could search by song stations and even podcasts. If you wanted to check podcasts but under all, it will show you all of those things.

So if I wanted to follow Billy Eilish here, for example, I could click her name here. You could see how many listeners she has so 6 million. In the case of this artist and then right underneath that you should see Billy Eilish radio station, if I click this, it’s.

Gonna take me to her radio station. I noticed some artists actually require you to watch an ad before you could. Even play on the free version here, but if I press play here, it says buffering and the song is playing.

So you see this little banner on the bottom. If I press this, you’ll come to her station right here and it played different songs for you again. It’s like a radio station based on this artist. So there may be songs that are not specifically this artist’s song, but they’re part of this radio station and while you’re on the page of any music, you could always press pause.

You could always skip a song, but with the free version, if you press to skip a song to move to the next song. If I press it right here and you move to the next song, the problem is, you won’t get many of those skips for free and that’s.

What the premium version is for, so you can have unlimited skips. I’ll show you that in a little bit and the other thing you could do here, you could do replace that’s. Next, to the play option and again you’ll, have limited replays and you have thumbs down or thumbs up that’s, a way to train the app to show it.

What you like. So if you press thumbs up it’s, gonna show you more music like this in the future, but one of the most useful options here is this plus icon on the left side. If I press this, it’s. Gonna add it to my collection.

So now I’m gonna press this down arrow on the top left to collapse, and now I could get my menu back on the bottom and I have a my collection next to search. So we looked at for you, we looked at search and let’s.

Go to my collection and under my collection, you get all the different things that you added to this collection manually by pressing +. So you could easily come back to my collection. Press play on different radio stations.

So if I want to pause this one here, I can and then start Christmas radio. I could just press play there or 80s pop. I could press play there, so each one of these I found under search. So if I go back to search in this case and look for Christmas, you could see Christmas radio shows up here.

If I press it and then on this page, I could press the more option. The three dots here and I could go ahead and add it to my collection here. You could see the checkmark that it has been added to my collection and if you press play, and then you come to an individual song, you see that banner right on top of your menu press that banner and it’ll expand that song, and you could also add these by pressing The plus sign next to them, so here I could press the plus sign next to this one add it to my collection, if I, like it, press thumbs up to train Pandora, to show me more music like this, and I could press the down arrow here now.

It’s playing in the background, so most of your use of the app is going to be between the search option and my collection option. You’ll kind of go back and forth and play different radio stations as far as replaying and skips.

If you want to have those be unlimited, go to your profile, tab that’s. The option we haven’t looked at yet on the corner, and let me show you a few things here. The first thing is to upgrade: you see that on the top left here, if you press upgrade, these are the options that Pandora gives you for.

Pandora premium there’s, two of them there’s, Pandora premium, that’s $ 12.99 a month at the time of this recording. But there’s a free month and you get unlimited, pretty much everything even offline listening, so you don’t have to be connected online and you get this other option, which is Pandora plush, where you get unlimited skips and some offline.

Listening but you can make and share playlists like you can with the premium model, so you could explore that under upgrade right there and then the other useful option here. Are you see the section right underneath your username? It says followers following thumbs up playlist, so thumbs are just thumbs up that I just showed you how to give to the different songs to kind of train the app for you and playlists are the playlists that you could actually make on this app, which in this case they came from my thumbs up playlist, and then you have followers and following now if you press any of these, you could actually find friends using their email or connecting to Facebook and use this more as a social media platform just like Facebook, and it makes It a lot easier to share songs and see what other people are up to.

So, if you wanted to use it that way, this is where you would find that option right here on your profile. So let me go back to search here and let me just click another radio station here. You could press + to collect this and add it to my collection.

You have the share option here next to it, where you can share it on different platforms or even copy the link here, for example if you wanted to use it or press more option to just text it to someone else or share it with an app and If you press more, you see that download option for offline viewing.

If you upgrade to Pandora Premium, you could basically download the song to your phone and play it that way again, you have the share option here and you have added to queue for basically playing this at a later time.

If you didn’t want to play it and just wanted to cue it up for later and that’s, basically an overview of how to use Pandora free streaming service for music and podcasts. I hope you found this useful.

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