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How To Use OfferUp App To Buy Or Sell Anything Free Apk Download

Welcome to this article, How To Use OfferUp App To Buy Or Sell Anything Free Apk Download For Pc, android and iPhone. This content is useful.

Everyone in this video I wanted to show you how to use an offerup app called to offerup app to buy and sell anything now offer up is very similar to using eBay, Craigslist Facebook marketplace. Let go those are some of the competitors, but I really like offer up.

Is one of my favorites, the one I use the most is Facebook marketplace, and I have a different video about using that. If you want to check that out, I’m gonna go ahead and press get here and download the offer up offerup app and I’ll walk you through the process so offer up is for selling items locally.

So on Craigslist on Facebook marketplace, it works the same way. So it’s. Gonna ask for your zip code, go ahead and type that in and let me show you the offerup app really quick. Let’s. Focus on the buying part.

First, so on top here you got pickup, so those are the things that are only available for pickup and on the right side you have shipping. So those are the things that people could ship to you. So you could choose that when you sell something, is it available for pickup only or shipping only and then underneath that you could sort by newest, closest and so forth, and you can set the price minimum and maximum so that’s? What’s going on on top here on the bottom, you have your home, which is the page I’m on now.

Next to it is your inbox! So when you get messages they’ll show up here. Let’s, jump in all the way to the right. This is your sign-in or login, so you have to sign in or log in here to start making these transactions.

So let me go ahead and do that. I’m, just gonna go ahead and sign in with Facebook. You could also do it with your email or your Google account. Now I’m on logged in here on the bottom. Here I have to confirm my phone number.

I’m gonna jump in and confirm my phone number next, you could join through you that’s, the last step of the process to verify your identity. I’m gonna skip that for now. So one more thing I wanted to show you on the profile.

If you go to your profile here on the bottom, if you press invite on top – and I’m gonna leave my link on the bottom, so you could give $ 5 off, but you could give $ 5 and give $ 5 by just Referring people with your link here, so if you go ahead and click my link here, you could get $ 5 off and help me out, and then you could share your own link to about other people is a really cool affiliate program that they have set up Here, next to the profile icon, there’s.

The dollar sign. So here is your offer so selling buying and so on are listed. Here I’ll. Show you the buying process. Then we’ll come back to selling. So back to the home icon – and here let’s, say we wanted to buy this phone.

For example, I could just click that I could scroll down. I could see the price I could see the location I could see when it was posted and then on the bottom. I could go ahead and make an offer or I could just press ask to ask a question and it’s.

Gon na give you some options of predefined questions. Here you could type your own to making an offer. You could go ahead and press that and you can make your offer right over here. In this case, they’re, only accepting full asking price, so it’s, not gonna.

Let you type in your offer. Let’s. Look at something else here. If I wanted to do it for this, make an offer and as you could see in this case, you could edit your offer and make it anything you want.

So I’m gonna go ahead and cancel out of here really that’s. All there is to buying. So you decide pickup or shipping jump between the two. If you want shipping – and you want it to buy this one, you could click it again.

You could ask a question or you could make an offer just like that, and you’ll get the item. Now let’s, go ahead and sell something. So I’m gonna go to the dollar sign tab on the very bottom of the page.

Let’s, go ahead and press that and I’m gonna sell something. So I’m gonna go ahead and post an item right here by clicking that and you could either use. Take your photo. So using your phone’s, camera or select the photo.

So let me go ahead and select the photo here. So I just chose four photos from my photo library of this brand new shoe here and you could just name it name-brand model and so forth, and I give it a title.

I’m gonna press Next, so then, on top here you have to choose a category, so clothing issues is correct here, next condition, so brand new never used all the way to very poor for parts, and I’m gonna Write a little description and then I’m gonna press next, and here you could either set your price to be firm or you could just type a price that could be negotiated here.

I’m gonna be negotiable. In this case, I’m gonna press next and go ahead and set a location. So I’m gonna type in a zip code here and I’m gonna press next and that’s. All there is to it, so you could share on a Facebook Timeline, so I logged in with Facebook.

I’m, not gonna. Do that now I use Facebook marketplace to share the same item. I’m gonna go ahead and press post I’m gonna enable push notification just like that is online empires could make me an offer right now.

You could also click the sell, faster chenĂ© and you could pay to promote it. So there’s a three day free trial or you could pay these promotional prices right underneath it again. This depends on what you’re selling and when you’re done just go ahead and press done or you could share or do another post right.

On top of that, I’m gonna say done here and now we’re all ready to go. Let me go back to the home page here and one more thing I wanted to show you on the very top of the page. You see those four squares, if you press that it’s gonna, let you look things by category.

So if you are searching for cell phones, for example, it’s, just gonna look at that category and show you items under that category here. So again you have pickup and shipping as your options, but that Square tab is category popular near me.

Is what is set to by default and on top of the home option again on the buying side? You could also search for things so where he says offer up. You could just click that and search for iPhone, for example, or whatever you want it’s.

Gon na give you some options. Let’s say I wanted to buy iPhone X. I could go ahead and search for that and then I could browse through some of these. As always, I could click one. I could read it. I could see the price I could see where it’s located, and this one is gonna be able to ship for five dollars, and I could just go ahead and jump in and make an offer.

Even if I wanted to make an offer for $ 400, I could just do that. I send that offer. I’m gonna cancel and since I already have something for sale, so if I go to the dollar sign you see, selling and buying.

These are the things that I have under my categories. I could now, if I wanted to sell another thing: press the camera icon on the bottom, that’s. The one I haven’t covered yet go ahead and press the camera icon, and it takes you to that selling page that we already went through so taking a picture, selecting a picture, giving it a title, and so on that’s.

To post more items so under the dollar sign, you will see all of them line up here and under the dollar sign. You could also change your payments and receipts. If you click that you see your account here, you could go ahead and add a credit card by default is set to Apple pay and under transactions.

You could see your payments transaction if you have any on offerup app. I don’t have any at this time. On this account, so between those options, I hope you found this video useful and you could use it to buy or sell anything online using offer up.

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