Best FREE Music App For Android! (2021)

Welcome back everyone, we’re gonna be talking about some of the best offline music apps for Android devices. Now I’ve done the same thing for iOS and I was like you know what I have to do it for Androids too lucky for you.

These are all straight to the Play Store and I’m rocking it. On my Galaxy S, 20 so far works on this phone. It’ll probably work on every other phone. Now all these will be linked down below. So if you don’t want to watch this video you don’t.

Have to you can just click those two in the description below and go from there now. The first thing I want to hit on is that apps, like title and Spotify SoundCloud and those things they give you like a couple of months, free trials.

If you go and sign up for them, so if you don’t want to, you, know, sign up for a different app or you want to go. Don’t use a different app. You can always go and get a free trial using Spotify or whatever the case.

Is it’s, not a big deal, but that’s, an option for you if you’re into it, now that we have that out of the way, some of the main ones that I’ve seen There’s, really two of them, and the first one is one called treble now as soon as you go through it’ll, say whatever you can sign in.

However, you want to. I’ll, go ahead and continue with Google, because I’m already signed in, so you can link your account here. However, you want to, and once you’re there, you’ll get presented with something like this and my screen just got really really bright.

There we go that looks much better. So once you get here, you’ll see a bunch of different options right here, so in this case, I’ll, go and click, something like hip hop and I’ll. Show me a bunch of different artists like a little track, a little tech car DB.

All these other people Eminem me, but I guess they throw them in here close alone as well. So let’s, see we want to see Postville own songs. As you can see, we’ll see a bunch of his songs. Now I’m, not going to turn the volume up because I don’t wanna get a copyright strike.

But if I wanted to play a song like circles, I’ll, go ahead and click over here and play it. I click that by accident, as you can see, I can play that song. But if you look outside you can see, we have an option for downloading for free, so we can click that and I’ll go ahead and download an ad will come up.

We just have to basically watch through the entirety of the ad, and then we’ll be able to listen to a song and download that song for free. So this one, for the most part, is basically for downloading the songs which are really cool.

If you’re into it, so this space for offline music to, however, another really really good one is one called audio Mac, which is actually a pretty decent one. Not only does it allow you to listen to the songs and you don’t even have to like log in or anything which is really nice, but you can also stream the song straight from here too.

So if I click I like on this song, for example, I’ll, be able to stream it without necessarily having to go and download it, which is a really really cool one, and I actually kind of prefer this one over travel.

Just because you’re able to not only preview this, if you’re, actually able to listen to the songs, as you can see, I can skip through the songs as well. I’m curious. If those see if they have any of my songs as you can see, they don’t have any of my songs, meaning they don’t just go rip them off, SoundCloud or type in you know, worst music in the world come And go there and steal from there anything so because they don’t have my music.

I know they only put good music on here and they have a ton of different artists as well. As you can see, you can choose them all here and go on from there, so that’s, pretty much it. Those are the two main apps that I’ve been able to see again there’s, so many out there, and these will also be linked down in the description below, like I stated so that’s, pretty much it.

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So me so much you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well. My Twitter, my histogram, my second channel all those links going down below I’d, really appreciate.

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