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The Amazing Collection Of Free Logic Puzzles Printable

Logic puzzles are the games in which you have to solve the problems. These problems may include the confirmation of any conclusion. You will have to deduce the relationships between several different places, people, and things.

Their basis is on the hints provided in the puzzle. Keep in mind that each item you see on the board belongs to only one person, and will not concern with anyone else. Your goal is to fill in the grid by utilizing the given clues.

Make sure that your selected solution make a sense. We have collected top logic puzzles printable for you. Try them out and test your skill.

  1. A Man in an Elevator (Puzzle):

A gentleman resides on the tenth floor. He uses an elevator to go down to in the morning when it’s his office time. On a rainy day, when he reaches home back in the evening, he finds other people in the elevator.

So he decides to go to the seventh floor through the elevator and takes three flights of stairs to his apartment on the third floor. Can you explain why does he do so?

It is one of the most popular logic puzzles.

  1. The Ball:

Suppose you have a basketball. You want to throw it, but you want it to come back to you without the help of anyone else? Even it does not touch or bounce any other thing. How can this happen?

  1. Sheikh’s Inheritance:

An Arab sheik is a father of two sons. He tells them to do a race between their camels to a distant city? He wants to see that who will inherit his fortune first. The son who has a lazy camel tries his level best, and his camel wins.

His brother keeps on thinking and after a few days asks a wise man to guide him. After being conducted, he subsequently jumps on the camel and starts a race with the wise man’s camel to the city. The brother’s camel runs as fast as it can.

What did the wise man guide him? Test your mind power and be the winner of logic puzzles printable.

  1. Head Bands:

A hostile Indian tribe took three palefaces captive. The tribe’s custom told them to pass an intelligence test.

His servant showed five headbands – 3 white and two red. Three men couldn’t see because the tribe folded their eyes with a small piece of cloth. The three men sit like one after another, face to back.

The chief placed a headband on each of their heads and vanished two remaining headbands. Afterward, he removed their blindfolds.

The third man was able to see the headbands on the other two men in front of him. While the second man was able to see the headband on the first, and the first one wasn’t able to see any headbands at all.

The chief asked them to guess the headband’s color. Themed were winners of the game if they guessed accurately. The first man spoke first and told that my headband color is……

What color was his headband? How did he guess right?

These logic puzzles printable might get you confused as well. Give it a try.

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