hackintosh dual boot w10 and macos

Hackintosh Dual Boot W10 And Macos High Sierra Different Drive

Are you looking for a computer that Hackintosh Dual Boot W10 And Macos High Sierra Different Drive, you can install in both.

Following a comment on my Hackintosh tutorial , which asked me if the Windows / macOS dual boot was a problem, I decided to do a tutorial to do it simply.

Important: You must have a compatible machine and components for installing macOS! I refer you to my first tutorial to assemble a compatible machine !

This tutorial is intended for people who have not yet installed macOS on their machine or who want to do a clean install of their machine. Yes, because you have to install Windows before not to create conflicts between the bootloader for Windows and Clover .
Note: If you have already installed macOS, try unplugging your hard drive leaving only the one plugged in to host Windows, install Windows, reconnect your macOS drive and leave it in boot solution number 1. You should be able to boot with Clover and select your disk which contains Windows, Hackintosh Dual Boot W10 And Macos.

I) Prerequisites before installation

Note: If these installation steps scare you, we offer an installation service directly to your hard drives! Visit our store !

Before choosing your configuration for your computer that will host the Hackintosh, please refer to the components guide.

Don’t already have a Mac? Purchase a bootable USB drive with macOS installed on it.

  • A computer compatible with macOS ( see my first article )
  • 2 different hard drives / SSDs (one per OS) ex: Kingston SSD
  • Optional: USB flash drive prepared with macOS
  • 2 USB keys of 8 GB minimum (one per OS) ex: Kingston USB key
  • Windows 10 license: Windows 10 Pro/ Windows 10 Home
  • This tutorial to install Windows on the first disk
  • This tutorial to install macOS on your second drive

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II) Installation

Follow the two tutorials for installing Windows and installing macOS step by step . (respect this order, it is very important ).

For any problem, leave a comment or contact me by email and I will get back to you within the day.


III) Post-installation

If you’ve followed both tutorials exactly, you shouldn’t have too many problems. You must now configure the BIOS of your computer to be able to boot on Clover , which will allow you to choose between the 2 operating systems.

  • Shut down your computer
  • Turn it on while keeping your boot key pressed (see part II.3 of this tutorial )
  • Go to the boot part of your BIOS
  • Select your disk containing macOS optional # 1

  • Exit BIOS while saving changes
  • Your PC restarts and should arrive on Clover normally

You can now choose which operating system to boot!
Note: the visual of Clover may be different depending on the version used but does not change its functions.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment! If you liked it, feel free to share the article using the buttons below!

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