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Fitbit App Mobile Review – Download Apk For Windows And iPhone

What’s up, guys? Today we’re, showing you a quick walkthrough of the Fitbit App Mobile Review – Download Apk For Windows And iPhone gallery.

What we’re, covering today, we’re, just going to go through all that it offers to you. Ok, so, right off the bat here is your home screen. You can see your calories, your active minutes, your floors, climbed your miles.

You can see your workout information. If you have it connected to a scale, you can see the information about your weight and your body fat. You’ve got your move reminders or your hourly active metric, which is pretty cool.

I like that from Fitbit. Your sleep data and then your heart rate or cardio information. This is a pretty cool new square that they have there and, of course, you can edit all of this. So you can click that button and maybe, if you want to see you know your distance as your main metric, you can put that up there.

You can kind of move all of these around. You can also add your dietary information in here because Fitbit has all of this in-house, so you can log everything you ate everything you drink in, like your cups of water and stuff, like that, so that’s all customizable, and then you can dive Into each one of them further, so we’ll, go ahead and start off with steps.

Ok, so just looking at the steep stuff, it’s, going to look very similar for distance active minutes calories. For all of that, you can see how you did over the last couple of days. When you achieved your goal, you’re, going to get a star, and then you can obviously see.

However, many steps you traveled that day, you can expand it to see more information, and then you can jump into other ones as well. If you want to see your calories burned, you can see these over time when you hit your calories, burned goal, and then your calories burned information.

They’re. So super simple: you can see all the metrics that you want to see and then green means you’ve hit your goal for that day. So I’ve been pretty active today and then you also have your workout stuff.

So if you click on that, you can set a different goal, so maybe two of four days I want to workout, you can also set it to maybe you know five days a week you want to work out and then you can just kind of dig down here And see all the different workouts you did so I went bike riding to the gym.

I also did a run there. So if you want to audit that information, you can click on it. You can see your different laps. So if you click in you can see where hit mile one two and three here you can see your paste data, so I recorded this using the charge two and it has connected GPS.

So all of the pace and the speed and all of that information – the route came from my phone, actually not from the device itself. You can see your splits your time in each heart rate zone and then your heart rate information.

So this isn’t quite accurate, but it’s. Decent most of the information is pretty good here and then your calories burned over the duration of it and then some of the information on how it impacted your day.

So I love all of the fitbit app activity stuff here, the workout stuff, very simple, very clean to use, and I do like it how they show you your heart rate information, but then they break it down into different zones for you.

So if you go through the rest of this, you can see all of your workout information you can see, which days you’ve worked out, and then, if you cycle through, you can see some of the things about. You know over time.

How active you’ve been back to the main screen. This is your weight information here I’ve just manually logged a few of these because I don’t. Has it set up with My Fitness Pal and my mom? Actually uses the Fitbit Aria scale and that’s our house.

So all this is just mainly logged, but you can see kind of how you’re doing overtime. If you get that Fitbit scale, it’s, going to sync automatically each time you jump on it over Wi-Fi straight into your application.

That’s. Nice hourly active, gives you a goal every hour to be active, so hit 250 steps. Every single hour, so it’s, kind of a way to gamify every single hour. Hey, you know, I haven’t been really active now, but I got to get up and get my 250 steps.

I like that you can customize it. So it’s, not 9 hours. It can be 10 hours or 12 hours, but having this hourly active metric is pretty cool, you can see how you did over the past week. Now, if we jump into sleep, they’ve improved their sleep tracking.

It used to be bad. Now it’s, really good. You can see, basically how you did overtime. Did you hit your goal or whatnot you can audit the information? So you can see, I’ve slept for six hours last night.

The time I went to sleep and when I woke up and then some of your like Restless information times that you are awake, all the sleep tracking stuff is pretty good. It’s, usually automatically tracked with your device and then in the heart rate information, you can see how you did today.

If you click on your heart rate information, you can see it here. Just a pretty active day today worked out a few times and then something new as you can see how you’re doing against other people in your age cohort.

So this is going to compare me against other people from 20 to 29. So men 20 to 29 – and this is kind of an approximate of your vo2 max, not perfect, but decent. The more you work out the better. This data is going to be so you can see.

I’m, pretty fit relative to other people. In my age cohort, I’d like to have it higher, but I’m. Not I guess that’d fit and not as fit as I thought I was, but you can kind of see how you’re doing against other people.

I like that, you can compare it and if you swipe over, you can see, you know how you’re doing. You can see how the marathon record holder is doing so he’s away there above me, but I like that you can compare it against other people now back here on the home screen.

You can go to your device at the top left, and so you can see the charge. Two are connected, some of the information about the device. Basically, this is how you, edit all the settings for whatever Fitbit, that you’re using.

You can add your silent alarms, customize the displays, turn heart rate off your different shortcuts, which exercise or workouts that you want it to support. All of that stuff right here is in the left corner and then Fitbit is constantly adding new challenges and so like.

Let’s say when you hit, you know 15,000 steps, you hit, your dos emit Falls badge and you can get different challenges and badges again trying to gamify things. But I like that this is built right into the Fitbit app and then you can have friends right now.

It’s, just my mom here, but you can compete against friends. Maybe people in your office then go to your account and you can change some things here like if I want to adjust my stride length or if I want to change my daily activity goal or my nutritional information or whether I want the sleep sensitivity to Be higher or the compatible fitbit app, so all of that is just right in here very, very simple: to use something new Fitbit added.

Is this plus button, so you can quickly track your exercise. You can run with your phone and it will map your data right within the Fitbit app that’s kind of cool. So if your device, let’s, say you have the Flex.

If it doesn’t support running it. Will, you can actually log it right here with just the application? You can add a food log or sleep set an alarm just a quick access button right there, so that’s, the Fitbit application very simple to use, probably the best application out there.

I really like it’s, all color-coded, very, very simple layout. I like everything, is compartmentalized and I, like the move, features the sleep tracking, the way, the workout stuff, the activity stuff with just a really good overall application.

If you haven’t seen it yet definitely check out my review of the Fitbit app charge. I’ll. Have the link right here on the screen and I’ll, see you guys later have a great day.

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